Advanced Tokens Manager

Free Windows Activation Backup

Operating system: Windows

Release: Advanced Tokens Manager 3.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Advanced Tokens manager is great when it comes to purchasing a new Windows computer. Basically, the FREE file download takes a snapshot of your files and keeps your license key safe when needed to restore.


  • Absolutely free
  • Easy click to backup or restore
  • Quick to activate
  • Keepsafe for license key and files

Overall the file called by tokens.dat is simple and efficient. It does not need to be installed and can just be downloaded and executed by a click of a button. It is safe and saves you the hassle of having to call Microsoft when it comes to obtaining a backup of your computer and its license key. The program can only be installed in Windows Vista and up, it no longer supports the older versions since they are being replaced with newer models. This backup program is great for an IT employee because it helps keep multiple computer licenses stay in the file and be backed up when needed. When you are ready to back up the great thing about this is that the license key is already inputted in the popup box ready to be clicked on. Microsoft is a little skeptical when it comes to this program since anyone can obtain your backup if you share the code for the Advanced Tokens Manager. They recommend you keep that password safe so that nobody can download and restore your files if they ever get a hold of your computer disc. Speaking of which, this program can only function to be restored with your computer's disc installed to make sure it is restoring files with the same product information. When it comes to Microsoft Office, this program can help. It is able to switch to Office and backup your files and as well restore it.  Remember all you have to do is download and click activation restore, simple as that. 

Backs up license key when needed to restore!

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