Undelete 360

by File Recovery

Recover files that were deleted, for whatever reason

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: File Recovery

Release: Undelete 360 2.16

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Undelete 360 (for Windows) is a computer software program that was written with a specific code that allows it to do in-depth searches and recover files that you thought would be gone forever. You could lose your files for a number of reasons: Anything from attempting to delete a file that was too big or if you have unknown apps running in the background that could be causing the issue -- Either way, no matter the reason, Undelete 360 is the go-to software that will have your important files back to you quickly. And not to mention this program allows you the ability to choose from four different ways to recover your files. And I saved the best for last; You can do all of this for FREE and you NEVER have to worry about any pop-up ads, etc. causing you any more stress than you have already endured. 


  • Can recover files from hard drive, flash drive, accidental deletions, certain applications.
  • Absolutely 100% free unlimited use.
  • No Nagging Ad's to worry about.
  • Can recover individual files OR recover the entire contents of a folder.

Undelete 360 is a "lifesaving software" that anyone with important files should not go without. Taking into consideration that it is completely free to download with unlimited usage and no pop-up ads, how can you go wrong? 

It is completely free of chage. It is the type of software that you can use and not have to worry about those aggravating ads. And you can use it as much as you would like; and again, it's totally free!

Product is compatible with Windows 7

this is just amazing and its free, the wonderful thing about this is that you can recover programs that you loose, you can use it over and over and over again and it would not have any charge and you know what you don't have to worry about any pop out add
Undelete 360 is a portable file retrieval software that is used to restore the files on the computer that is deleted accidentally. It is used with an efficient algorithm that surfs, searches, identifies and recovers the deleted files that is deleted accidentally by any viruses or software installed unknowingly.
Self-described “life saving software” has quite a reputation to live up to, but is amazing, if true. This free software boasts 100% unlimited use, with no ads. The program, for windows, can recover lost/deleted files and offers users 4 different choices of how to do so. Additional features include being able to recover individual files or full contents of folders. I can’t lie - there are MANY times in my life that this would have come in quite handy if it does all it says it can! An exciting product that I’m sure every windows user will want.
Sam Cantwell
If your file gets deleted, either intentionally or by malware, Undelete 360 can help you recover them. The program searches through your system for the files and recovers them for you. It also works for cameras, USB sticks and older forms of data storage such as floppy disks.
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