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A great app to keep your phone secure from data thieves

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Keepsafe is a mobile VPN that offers excellent protection while not being intrusive. One key benefit of Keepsafe is the Keepsafe Photo Vault, which ensures no one will ever see your photos saved on your device, and keeps it safe from both grandma and hackers alike!


  • Keepsafe Photo Vault -  Keeps your photos encrypted, filed away so that only you can view them. They are only accessible via thumbprint ID or PIN code
  • Keepsafe App Lock -  also makes sure no one else can access your apps, as well as keeps your messages private
  • Auto-connect protection - Automatically disables incoming connections to untrustworthy websites or untrusted connections
  • Safeguard passwords - Keepsafe obfuscates your data on your phone from outside sources, preventing hackers or data miners from accessing your information, or your phone number
  • Private Cloud - allows you to store up to 5,000 items in Keepsafe's online storage, whether they be photos, pictures, or even documents like copies of your SSN or your driver's license!

What made this software stand out from in predecessors in my eyes, is how unobtrusive it is. It stays out of your way, unlike a lot of competitors, without sacrificing your protection and safety. It protects you from malware and blocks internet connections from tracking your GPS, in case you are worried about internet stalkers, or people stealing your information about where you live. It does so via cipher AES-256 encryption meaning Keepsafe has the same level of security as military-grade applications do.

Have risky pictures saved on your phone? Keepsafe Photo Vault helps you make sure only you will ever see them

All in all, I find this to be one of the top, if not THE best protection software on the market. It's easy to use, fast to connect, and completely protects your privacy. It has so many robust features that not many other privacy apps have, especially the Keepsafe Photo Vault. For me, that was the most important factor, as I have a bunch of extremely risky pictures on my phone (I'm sure you do as well). Avoid dealing with online drama later by downloading this amazing app!

KeepSafe sounds really good. It sounds like they have made a product that is impenetrable in every way. I would be willing to try KeepSafe if the price is right. A lot of security apps promise a lot of things but KeepSafe sounds like it will deliver.
This offers many privacy apps that allow you to keep your online experience and data privacy. In a day when everything is usually accessible to everyone, this allows for one to keep their personal information safe and secure. I think that it provides an excellent platform to do so and definitely agree that it is an enjoyable way to do so.
KeepSafe is an excellent piece of software. The support team is already superior to other companies, with them having agents who speak a large array of languages, from Turkish to Italian. The software itself is crazy sophisticated, especially for a free piece of software, with military-grade encryption as well as having back-up layers of encryption. The best part though is that not even the KeepSafe employees can gain access to it, ensuring that data cannot be sold to advertisers. In an age of increasing insecurity on the internet, KeepSafe provides a secure and viable piece of software to protect us.
Now that I've installed KeepSafe I finally feel like my files are secure. They're virtually undetectable. Additional to this, cloud storage is massively useful in feeling like I won't ever lose my files either. Becoming a paid user is worth the money in my opinion as the themes are quite enjoyable and I need the extra storage for my large files.
KeepSafe allows you to lock up private photos in a secure server. This means that you have to enter a passcode to access them and they can't be stolen or used on unsolicited sites. This is valuable software because these days, security is everything as well as privacy. It's going to benefit all age groups worldwide.
KeepSafe for Windows is an app that gives you control to protect your online and private files like your photos, videos, data, or any private files that are important to you. With so many scammers nowadays that want to steal identities like our data or legal documents, this app will help keep your data private and safe. KeepSafe provides a pin code or fingerprint touch ID that will allow you to access the app and make it secure and protect your data. Also, this app has the option to retrieve data if you lose your device. You can use it on your PC or Mac, Iphone or Android.
KeepSafe for Windows devices is an application you can install to keep photos and videos you want to keep private, private. What's different about this application from other photo hiding apps, is that it is owned and created by Microsoft, a very trusty company. I recommend this application one hundred percent!
KeepSafe software can be used to create your privacy folders where you can store photos, videos, voice recordings and this is like a gallery valut application available on the google play store.
KeepSafe for Windows is a wonderful application because it stores all your personal private data and only you will have access to photos or important files. It will let you lock down all important files with PIN kind protection, such as fingerprint, pattern and many more ways of authentication. Nowadays there are many criminals trying to steal your information, so there is no excessive amount of security, the more you keep safe your information the less problems you will face in the future
Keepsafe seems like good company that is entirely or almost entirely focused on keeping your privacy safe. I can appreciate that in a company and I am also surprised that smaller companies such as this even exist. It is a very good thing! I have read up and done a little research on them and it seems as though they have plenty of information and experience to back up their claims. I would definitely work with this company!
Keepsafe Photo Vault is one of the best photo vault apps for securing your files, such as pictures and videos. You will need an Android emulator to run this since it’s an Android app. Some of the great features of this app include adding pin to the gallery, sync photos across devices, keep special memories, secure and protect important videos, pictures, and documents.
Jaxon S.
KeepSafe is a cloud-based security solution designed to keep your data safe and secure. It provides a simple, intuitive way to store, share, and protect your sensitive files, documents, and other digital assets. With KeepSafe, you can securely store your data in the cloud, and access it from anywhere, anytime. It also includes advanced encryption to protect your data, and powerful access and security controls to ensure only authorized users can access your data.
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