Advego Plagiatus

by Advego Ltd.

Program designed to check the uniqueness of a text

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Advego Ltd.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Advego Plagiatus is a program for checking the uniqueness of texts. It can be useful for copywriters, technical writers, editors, students, and teachers, as well as anyone else who is dealing with writing or checking text materials. It searches the network for similar fragments and analyzes the level of matching by two parameters: lexical and direct matching. After the color markers have been checked, non-unique fragments are highlighted and links are provided to the materials found where matches have been found.

Advego Plugiatus can also be used to search for copyright infringing material. For example, published on third party sites without the author's permission or outright plagiarism. To do this, just add a few paragraphs of text to the program, which you need to find and it will give out links to all the sites where the text meets.

When analyzing text as the default search engines are used as the most popular engines - Yandex and Google, but if necessary in the settings you can connect Bing, Yahoo, Rambler and some others, but the time test in this case will increase. First, the program searches for direct matches - exact copies of text fragments and mark them in yellow, then the lexical analysis takes place, in which the "similarity" of the text is checked, in other words - the search for retrieve, and the found fragments are highlighted by a blue marker.

At the end of the check, in addition to colored labels and references, Advego Plagiatus displays to the user two uniqueness indexes, expressed as a percentage:

Percentage of unique text of the total volume, here the figures are below 80% indicate a high percentage of borrowing and copy paste;

Percent of uniqueness in lexical analysis of the total volume, in this case the text is not considered to be unique at values below 70%.

- has a very simple and intuitive interface, which can be easily understood by even inexperienced users;

- ability to display the list of addresses where copies of the text were found;

- possibility to display the percentage of similarity of text in the found results for each address;

- possibility to display the general degree of uniqueness of the text;

- Possibility to search in such search engines as: Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, Rambler, Поиск, Nigma, QIP search;

- the ability to automatically stop the search if the percentage limit, which is by default 50%, is exceeded;

- the ability to fine-tune the search function;

- the ability to select search engines in which you want to search for copies of text.

Simply put this article explained the Advego Plagiatus program and how it works to identify plagiarism. It was well written concise. The article took us point by point how the program works when used. Article even explained how to use it with different network searches.
This is a Windows based program and it helps to identify text. Since so many people are using Apple products, it would be nice if it were available without the windows operating system and possibly in Safari.
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