by Shengalts A.A.

Straightforward text editor with full Unicode support that aims to replace Windows Notepad

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shengalts A.A.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AkelPad is a great text editor that can replace the standard Windows Notepad. Notebook is sometimes uncomfortable because of some limitations in functionality. AkelPad is designed to fill these gaps. It is well suited for creating and processing simple text documents and can be used for HTML page development, programming, etc.

AkelPad has advantages in working with Unicode and it is recommended to install TrueType fonts (such as Courier New) to make full use of this feature. If you want more opportunities to work with text editor - try Notepad++.

- working with one or more windows at the same time;

- editing files that are larger than 64K in size (theoretically, the file size is not limited);

- full support of Unicode strings in Unicode systems (NT/2000/XP/2003);

- support for Unicode code pages (UTF-16 little endian, UTF-16 big endian, UTF-8);

- support for any code pages installed in the system;

- preview during the opening of the file;

- correct display of pseudographs (of pseudographics characters);

- Editing files with Read Only attribute;

- notification when trying to open a binary file;

- operation to cancel actions in several levels;

- search and replacement of text strings. Search is available by hexadecimal character code;

- memorizing the code page of the file;

- memorizing the location of the pointer (carriage) in the file;

- memorizing the last search query;

- memorizing the last open file;

- a printout of documents;

- support for all language modules;

- plugin support (syntax highlighting, script execution, keyboard macros, etc.)

I needed something quick like Notepad in Windows but with more features. This hits the sweet spot sweetly and quickly. You got a choice of fonts and other features that fills the gap between notepad and word. That's really the space that I use the most.
It's decent, but there are better notepad applications out there for programming. Most of the touted features have long been superceded by the default windows notepad. I don't recommend this program but encourage you to try it when selecting notepad alternatives.
AkelPad is a new app which can be downloaded for Windows. It is intended to replace the standard NotePad file. The new app will provide more options when it is run. Remember to install the app as it was originally intended. Wait for frequent updates and other nice features. The app was originally designed way back in 2003. That has spurred on new user interest over the past few years.
Akelpad is alternative for notepad. its created by microsoft. This software is free installation is easily. This software is somany features developed in notepad. so Akelpad for windows is text edittor and text creater. So This type of software is most more power than notepad. its simple but somany features developing on in this software. So akelpad is very useful. and handling is cleard. so this software is secured and quicked.
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