ATTO Disk Benchmark

Software to measure storage system performance

Operating system: Windows

Release: ATTO Disk Benchmark 4000f2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ATTO Disk Benchmark storage is one of the top tools utilized in its category of software. It identifies performance in hard drives as well as other tools used for computer storage.


  • Tests for reading and write speeds.
  • Customize your performance measurement using queue depth, overlapped I/O, and comparison mode
  • Test any manufacturers RAID controllers, storage controllers, host adapters, hard drives, and SSD drives
  • The timed mode allows for continuous testing

ATTO Disk Benchmark is a tool that allows the user to stress your computer storage to find the maximum read data and write rates under a number of different conditions. It can be used for all types of storage devices, including solid-state storage devices and hard disk drives. Using it is easy as the interface is simple to read and to drop down listings when opened. It has several different options of I/O data size to pick from including 512 bytes to 64 megabytes. The data access options have several different ones like being able to bypass write cache and verification of data. You can also directly export screenshots of the whole ATTO Disk Benchmark results as a JPEG image making it extremely accessible and easy to outsource results to others or save for yourself if you need to record keeping. These are some of the features that make ATTO Disk Benchmark one of the most utilized software in its categories and makes it accessible for beginners or fine-tuned enough for advanced users that would like extra details to make sure that their storage is being maximized. Other competitors like HD Tach and Anvi's Storage Utility have similar features but are not as fine-tuned and simplified as ATTO Disk Benchmark is. It can be easily downloaded and installed, ready to use to make sure that your computer is performing well.

Provides highest level of performance for storage
Sky Ha
The ATTO Disk Benchmark app is an essential one needed for your pc as it shows the status of things such as your hard drive or SSD. The app is really useful for finding your read and write speeds and gives you the most accurate reading compared to other apps.
The software described appears to be a good product, but at least some of the functionalities already seem to exist as a feature of most computer operating systems. Beyond that, it may have a few features that might be desirable for certain diagnostic situations.
Finn Rohde
ATTO Disk benchmark for Windows is an addition to the ATTO products. It can be used to test OEM RAID controller, storage controller, host adapter, hard drive, or SSD drive. I does some usable feature; such as, custom transfer size, support of overlapped I/O, support of various queue depths and with the time mode it allows for continued testing.
I've been utilizing this program for years on Windows. It works just as well here, so I was happy to find it on Mac as well. Prior to connecting to a hub, I utilized this to test the performance of an external HDD connected through USB-C. I experienced some benchmark issues while trying to read and write files. I would recommend establishing a new empty folder and use that folder as your disk. Other than that, this application was really simple to use.
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