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Examine .exe files, view and edit their properties

Operating system: Windows

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Exeinfo PE is a software that lets you examine .exe files and view their properties as well as make edits to any Windows executable file.is a very easy and user-friendly software that lets you see all the details/properties of a .exe file as well as access dozens of different options to edit any executable.  You can change or edit the file name, simply open the .exe, or delete it. Exeinfo PE also lets you view the size as well as the size of other files within the executable.  


  • Exeinfo PE can be used on any executable to view multiple, various pieces of information.  
  • Exeinfo PE is portable so you do not even need to download the software.  At any time, you can access Exeinfo PE.  You can easily put Exeinfo PE on a flash drive or other portable drive without issue.
  • Exeinfo PE is very easy and user-friendly; the interface is a small window that looks just like any other Windows prompt.  You can use the traditional Microsoft functions, like CTRL+C, CTRL+V, as well as drag and drop items in and out of the program. 
  • Exeinfo PE makes viewing details of a .exe file simple and easy.  At any time you can view the entry point, as well as file size, name, flags, section status (executable, readable, writable), as well as header information.

Exeinfo PE is a great, easy to use software for further examining executable files.  The application runs very smoothly and is minimally invasive to other programs or system resources.  The interface is very familiar to the most basic user; however, to really use Exeinfo PE it is best to be a more experienced individual.  Overall, Exeinfo PE is worth the time to download; it is a powerful software that provides you anything might need to inspect the workings of Windows executable files.

Exeinfo PE is a very easy and user-friendly software that lets you see all the details / properties of a .exe file as well as access dozens of different options to edit any executable.
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Sarah White

Exeinfo PE is a great software to use. I use it daily for personal and business life. I think it is an easy software that gets the job done. So if you are looking for a software view your files and the properties, this is the software for you!
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Exeinfo is one of the simples to use, most user friendly products I have ever had the pleasure of using. Being able to examine various files without being invasive to other programs is a massive life saver in any work environment. Traditional Microsoft functions carry over as well, so the learning curve is fairly minimal. I would definitely recommend it.
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this is a software who has the cappacity of made a review to the .exe files and view there properties and configuration, this is very usefel because by this app you can see who many permitions have the app that you gonna install on your computer
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Connor Wilt

I personally got this software for my ZIP files as I download dozens a day. It works wonders for me. You'll have to do some reading before using this like an expert but most people using this know what they're doing anyway. Love this!
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Exeinfo PE for windows is good software and easy to handle it. This tool was packer, compression detector and unpack information. This is easy to install and the product is very safe and secure.
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exeinfo pe is a software which lets us to verify all .exe files and check out all their properties. By using this we can also easily rename, open, modify. even delete a .exe file
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Exeinfo PE is a free software for windows, it need not to be installed as it is portable. This product is used to verify files that you use and you can see the properties of those files. You can directly open the file from this software and can change file name, you can delete it too. It is 100% safe for use.
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Josh Bowerman

Exeinfo PE is a lightweight and portable tool designed to quickly detect the type of a PE (Portable Executable) file and to provide useful information about it. It can analyze executables, DLLs, ActiveX Controls, and other binary files to determine their type and version information. It can also detect potential malware.
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Alfie Vandenbroeck

I recently used Exeinfo PE software for analyzing the resources of a program. Overall, I found the program to be very user friendly with a great interface. It was very easy for me to find the information I needed about the program. I also liked that I was able to view the resources of the executable file in detail. The software also provided me with useful information about the program's dependencies and other components. It was also able to detect the version of the program accurately. In general, I was satisfied with the results.
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