Anti Trojan Elite

by ISecSoft Inc.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ISecSoft Inc.

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.43277

Anti Trojan Elite (ATE) provides real-time protection against malware, detects downloaded Trojans and keyloggers, blocks their operation and removes them from the system.

Currently, ATE can detect more than 35,000 Trojans, Internet worms and keyloggers. And the number of malware that Anti Trojan Elite is able to detect is increasing very quickly, because we collect data about malware all over the world and promptly release additions to the databases. The user can use the automatic update feature to get the latest malware data on time.

The network monitoring utility can disconnect suspicious TCP connections, and the process utility can destroy suspicious processes, even those that are privileged.

The registry repair utility can restore the registry changed by malware and can restore any change of important keys and values in real time.

Anti Trojan Elitea is a malware removal program that can detect and clean up any malware found on your disk or memory.

- support for disk and memory scanning;

- Real-time Malware firewall;

- supports viewing of compressed files (RAR, ZIP, CAB);

- Backup module: Back up infected files before deleting them;

- Network Manager. The user can view the statistics of tcp/udp and the processes they belonged to, disconnect any tcp connection and stop the counter process;

- Process manager. Consider any process and information about its DLL modules. The user can finish any process and load any DLL module;

- Internet Explorer and the registry repair utility;

- Online support and automatic check for updates when you start ATE;

- a utility to monitor the system registry in real time.

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