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Remote desktop software with innovative featues

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AnyDesk Software

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AnyDesk is the newest remote computer management client with ultra-fast speed and smooth image transfer during a connection session, compared to other applications of this type. This utility uses the latest specially developed video codec DeskRT, which really increases the speed of displaying images up to 60 fps, which so far no one has been able to implement in any similar program. This improved performance allows you to remotely connect to a third party desktop without having to disable some graphics elements (Windows Aero shell, desktop wallpaper), reduce screen resolution, and provide the lowest possible time delays. Such ultra-high productivity gives the chance not only to work in a remote system, but also even to use serious programs, like graphic editors, CAD systems, to carry out an exchange of files between cars, and also to transfer sound in full value, etc.

AnyDesk has a fairly simple interface without complicated settings (ip-addresses, port assignment, etc.). All you need to do to create a new connection is simply enter a special AnyDesk-ID (remote desktop address) of the computer you need. It is possible to set up and automatically connect to a third party PC (you will need to set a password). And the most important thing is that this client has the possibility of simultaneous session with several PCs at once through the most convenient tabbed interface.

When you create a connection, users can set certain rules and configure some connection parameters, which is called, "under yourself": the use of the mouse and keyboard, the ability to display and use two cursors of the mouse (from a remote and local PC), the use of the clipboard, mute / turn on the sound, adjust the screen size of the remote table and image quality.

AnyDesk 1.3.0 Beta (1.27 MB)
AnyDesk 1.3.1 Beta (1.28 MB)
AnyDesk 1.3.2 Beta (1.28 MB)
AnyDesk 1.4.0 Beta (1.29 MB)
AnyDesk 1.4.1 Beta (1.29 MB)
AnyDesk 2.0.1 Beta (1.35 MB)
AnyDesk 2.3.5 (1.46 MB)
AnyDesk 3.2.2 (1.69 MB)
AnyDesk 3.6.3 (1.73 MB)
AnyDesk 4.2.1 (1.97 MB)
This software will be useful to many help desk workers. It's remote computer management client with ultra-fast speed and smooth image transfer during a connection session is much needed by help desks.
you are having a happy time with your family in your holiday. but your boss asked you to send a backup of a very important work file. but, this is a large document and stands on your home computer. What will happen now? There is AnyDesk application developed by for such undesirable situations. It is very useful with its fast and practical interface.
AnyDesk is the fast remote desktop application for your computer! AnyDesk allows you to work remotely and completely from home! It is perfect for IT professionals or people on the go! You can communicate with people around the world very easily, it includes a built-in file transfer, and it doesn't take up very much space on your hard drive!
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