ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme

a suite of program that promotes high definition multimedia content

Operating system: Windows

Release: ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme 2.7.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme is a program developed by ArcSoft. It supports a user in playing, editing and authoring music and video files. Incorporated in this program is a playback option, an archiving option, and the video creation option all aimed at a high definition product result.


  • Create movies, edit videos, and liven up your movie
  • All-in-one media player with theater-like experience
  • Backups and Data Mastering
  • Music and Data
  • Full set of design tools
  • Ease of Use
  • Supports all Windows versions
  • Compatible with user's choice options
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Supports a large list of templates for output labels

ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme is a complete package of applications that provides the capability to watch and create VCD'S, DVD'S, AVCHD, and Blu-ray discs. With this suite, a user can listen to music or watch the video using CD's, contents from stored discs etc. It is also highly compatible with other tools and utilities such as TotalMedia Theatre, proving to be a solid platform for creating, editing, and viewing multimedia contents.

Solidly provides a one-in-all effect solution with a professional experience to all media and text content.

ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme provides an advanced high definition content that provides an opportunity for a user to master the usage and storage of media content. Media can also be easily backed up (including other contents the user desires to save such as email messages or even a browser's favorite list). More so, Discs or CD's contents can be continuously created or burnt to the user's content.

Thus, with its full set of designs, pictures can be enhanced, designs can be added to features including text, font, color in an intuitive manner that the user can find easy to use and understand. This product also has no limit to the number of labels it can support as the digital pictures and texts can also be imported into the media's library from external devices and enhanced with the available effects.

ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme for Windows is a compact all medial application with watch and create capabilities for Blue-ray discs, DVDs and VCDs. It is a universal video player. This saves one the time for switching from one to another player. It allows media editing of various formats which ensure that one is able to add the titles they prefer on media. Its support for high definition video formats gives it a plus.
Arcsoft TotalMedia Extreme looks good. Interesting that it burns DVD's and plays Blu-Rays. Seems sufficient for a lot of tasks, being that it can listen to, burn, and export your CD's to social media, edit your videos and do more. Overall sounds good.
ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme for Windows lets you backup and restore audio, video, email messages and more. The software is up to date in terms of software update and compatible media.
ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme For Windows is a best media application software that allows to watch and create CD's, DVD's, AUDIO CD's and it allows to create an backup a data and with more features. It has full support for high defition(hd) video formats and allows you to view blueray disc. You can able to write a CD's, DVD's, AUDIO CD's and burns ISO images. It also allows to erase data on rewritable discs.
Arc Soft Total Media Extreme is product of Arcsoft. It is Used to create movies, edit videos with easy and very small methods. It has full set of design tools for this movie creator and video editor. This Software also has a media player with special effects tools for an experience of theater sound system effects. Totally this software used to give a good media experience for that end users.
I like this high performance video playback software. It supports in playing, editing and authoring audios and video files. It is developed by Arcsoft.
A very unstable program.
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