by Paul Davis

Dard disk recorder provided for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Paul Davis

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Ardour is a digital audio station that has open source code. Initially it was released under Linux, but due to the increased popularity it also received versions for Windows and other popular operating systems.

This digital audio editor can be used to bring together tracks, mix, create electronic sets and other sound operations of any complexity. The program supports multichannel recording and asynchronous export. You can add as many tires, tracks and effects as you like to one project at a time. Their number is limited only by the "power" of the computer on which Ardour is running. For convenient content management, the developers have provided hotkeys support in the editor. However, in the Windows version they do not work quite correctly. Also, this version periodically "suffers" from memory leaks.

Ardour allows you to flexibly configure the routing of audio tracks. The editor also allows you to "bind" certain areas of sound to points on the timeline. The tool of division of tracks on area is executed very conveniently. There are no plugins in the original Ardour package, but you can download and add them to the program yourself (supported by VST or LV2).

Supported import and export formats include FLAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG Vorbis, CAF and BWF. Also, Ardour is closely integrated with the repository, from where users can borrow songs and fragments for their projects. You can also upload your own work there.

As a result, the editor is really multifunctional, free of charge, but a little "raw". However, the last statement is true only for the Windows version.

- open source code;

- Multi-channel audio recording with automatic delay compensation;

- JACK music server support;

- The ability to use an unlimited number of samples, tracks, effects and plug-ins within a single project;

- close integration with the repository;

- a wide list of supported formats (both for import and export);

- Support for VST and LV2 plugins;

- the presence of time stretching, tone change, audio division into areas, and anchorage to a specific point on the timeline.

Ardour is a hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation application that runs on Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and Microsoft WindowS
Ardour is a music editing and recording software that makes it so easy for all music creators and artists alike out here. It provides various types of audio interfaces that can meet your budget and there is always the option of upgrading to the next level when you want to. It provides the access to handle unlimited multichannel tracks that gives your music the unique edge it needs to succeed out there. The editing layout is simple and easy to work with. Provides all the latest market options that anyone would need to create content daily without any hassle.
It is the application that is used to edit digital audio much more on the same devices. It is an open-source tool. It is used in all the operating systems such as Windows, and Linux.
I use Ardour to mix and record audio for music that I'm working on. I find the recording process very simple to use with Ardour- much better than other software products I've used. I love that it's "donationware" so I paid $1 to use it, though you can pay however much you want. There are so many options for plug-ins for this software that it can easily become overwhelming- but that can be seen as both a pro and a con depending on how you feel.
When compared to other editors of its kind, the digital audio editing process is made much simpler by using the Ardour application, which is available for Windows. The program, which is built on an open-source technology, gives you the ability to modify any sound and then export it to a number of other formats. The well-organized user interface is one of the most important components of Ardour. When working with audio, it is critical that the tools you use have a logical organization in order to finish each mix in the shortest amount of time. 
I never knew there was a music production software as good as I use on my PC until I came across Ardour. Recording, editing and mixing is super easier using Ardour. All its functions are perfect. You could merge, mix down, cut, stretch, enhance the quality of your audio and a whole lot with this. Everyone should use Ardour for easier musical production projects. This is so awesome!!!
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