Arena of Valor

by Tencent Games

A cross-platform multi-player computer game for 5v5 battling

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tencent Games

Release: Arena of Valor 1.0.12062.123

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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  • Arena 5v5 battles for free, and for anyone who owns a PC or Mac.  The app can easily be downloaded online and does not cost a thing to install.  For Google Play users, Bluestacks can be downloaded to enhance the gaming experience for serious gamers.  Inspired by games like League of Legends, this game offers a similar premise but with a unique play style 
  • The ability to develop your own strategies and implement them using tanks, wizards, assassins, warriors, and more.  There are multiple characters who are trying to defeat you and have their own unique set of skills and characteristics.  Unleash your unique skill set by playing and earning points that can be used to strengthen your abilities.
  • Use tactical choices and unique skills to defeat your enemies and become a great champion.  Develop your own strategies and hero with a list of 5 characters to choose from and 40 heroes.  This list is constantly growing, so new choices will be added in the future.  Find the best character for you to destroy your enemy's defenses and eventually demolish them at their core.
  • Use Bluestacks to change from 5v5 to 6v5 to gain an advantage over your opponents.  For serious gamers, this software can be easily downloaded for free and can be used to unlock your PC's gaming potential and have a complete advantage over your enemies.
  • The more you play, the more points you earn, which can be used to claim exclusive gamer items.  The longer you play, the better the prizes, so if you put in the time, you will be greatly rewarded.  Not only can these special items significantly increase your potential, but they can also alter your character's role to become even stronger.  Overwhelm your opponents with customized load-outs that suit your play style.  
  • Find helpful tips and tricks online using the Bluestacks website.  Find much more information about Arena of Valor using the Bluestacks site and discover exclusive offers only for true fans.  This software also offers role matchups, power-up items, and the ability to earn gold for every enemy you destroy on the battlefield.  Bluestacks also offers smooth performance for flawless gameplay on most machines that cannot be matched using a phone.  Use antialiasing and gaming graphics cards to optimize your experience while pulling high frames per second that cannot be achieved on other mobile games.  

Free download for all Mac and PC users who game