Plants vs. Zombies

by PopCap Games, Inc.

An acclaimed tower defense strategy game where players defend against hordes of zombies

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PopCap Games, Inc.

Release: Plants vs. Zombies 3.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense strategy developed by the legendary PopCap Games that puts the player in the place of a homeowner tasked with defending himself against a coming zombie apocalypse. What is the main point of defense against this scary legion of undead zombies? Your homeowner's carefully placed and curated home garden, of course! When Plants vs. Zombies originally released, it was known primarily for innovating the tower defense strategy genre. Prior to this game, the genre tended to stick towards a single-lane setup where enemies approached the player down a singular, predictable pathway. Plants vs. Zombies is unique in that it embraces a 6 horizontal lane design where zombies can come towards you down any given lane at any given time, oftentimes across multiple lanes at the same time! 

The game starts off slow, allowing users to acclimate themselves to the game style as players are taught and reminded that they must be careful about defending and watching all 6 lanes at all possible times. In order to properly defend yourself against these undead warriors, the player has access to a wide variety of dangerous and lethal plants that all have their own unique abilities and must be strategically placed along the various paths to ensure your defense and survival. As the game progresses and complexity grows, players will hectically have to defend against multiple zombie types that all have their own unique properties and weaknesses. Plant defenses that act as bombs and turrets can be placed strategically depending on what zombies are approaching down which lanes and depending upon their specific weaknesses. 

While this added complexity may seem daunting for the player, the basic goal always remains the same: use your defenses to keep the zombies at bay and prevent them from making it from one end of the screen to the other. If the zombies successfully make it past your plant defenses, you have lost the level and must re-try. Thanks to the game's amazing cartoon art style and colorful game design filled with tons of personality, the game always remains a joy to play even when your frustrations seem to be rising. The sound design is often humorous and light-hearted, further adding to the enjoyment players are certain to find with this game.

Renown for its unique visual style and strategic gameplay, Plants vs. Zombies has built a fanbase of millions across the globe

  • Over 49 available unique plant defense to use against zombies
  • Several different play modes and levels of a challenge making for endless hours of gameplay and fun
  • Very lightweight and non-graphically intensive means almost any computer can run this game
  • Defend against increasingly difficult waves of multiple zombie types in hectic and frantic levels that challenge your strategy and skills
  • The highly unique and engaging cartoon art style makes this game age-appropriate for all ages

Required RAM: 512 MB

Minimum CPU speed: 1.2 GHz

File size: 65 MB

Dedicated soundcard required

Minimum GPU: Directx 8.0 compatible card, Nvidia Geforce 3 or Ati Radeon 8500

If you consider yourself a gamer, then check out Plants vs. Zombies for Windows. This is a fun game that can keep you entertained for hours on end as you try to zap as many zombies as you can in order to save your home from any zombie invasions. This game has so many fun weapons, including cherry bombs and peashooters, and allows for a lot of creativity and strategy.
Warning! Extremely addictive game alert! You are going to love this game. I love it so much that I've downloaded it into my phone and my PS4 also. It is my do to game when I'm bored or just don't know what to do. I can spend hours playing this game. Even my mom is playing it and she's no gamer at all. My girlfriend is saying that I'm spending too much time playing this game, but I don't care. I'm having fun!
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