Daisy Petals

by Novel Games Limited

It's an interactive, fortune-telling game where players strategically pick petals from a daisy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Daisy Petals 1.3.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Daisy Petals is an entertaining gaming software that puts your strategy and luck to the test. It is a competitive game in which you and the computer take turns picking from a 20-petal daisy. The objective of the game is to be the one to pick the final petal from the flower, thereby declaring you as the winner.

The game unfolds in a simple manner. When the game begins, you are asked if you would like to go first. You can indicate your preference by clicking on the corresponding button. When it's your turn, you can click to select a petal and then click on the selected petal once more to remove it. There is also an option to remove two adjacent petals. Any petals chosen will be highlighted in yellow, but please be mindful that your choice cannot be altered once the petals have been clicked on.

  • A competitive game between you and the computer.
  • Option to start the game first.
  • Ability to choose one or two petals at a time.
  • Selected petals are highlighted in yellow.
  • A record of the time spent playing.

The time you've spent playing will be recorded in the top-left corner, and the quickest winner will receive the grandest prize ever offered! Daisy Petals is a game that requires both strategic thinking and a dash of luck. It's a fantastic way to kill some time while enjoying yourself and stimulating your mind.

Daisy Petals offers engaging strategic gameplay, challenging both your luck and tactical skills while providing entertainment.
1. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, or Linux operating systems.
2. Requires minimum 512MB of RAM.
3. Needs at least 100MB free disk space.
4. Needs a graphic card supporting 2D graphics.

Stimulates strategic thinking and problem solving skills.
Allows individual or collective petal selection.
Records and displays your gameplay time.

Limited to single player versus computer.
No option to undo moves.
Lack of multiplayer option.
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An intelligent program learning your patterns and predicting your moves in a game.