Brawl Stars

by Supercell Oy

BrawlStars game for mostly a single player from Google Play store, shooting obstacles and villians in the way, collecting Gems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Supercell Oy

Release: Brawl Stars 1.0.12065.123

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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My review is that this BrawlStars Game is that it’s too many installs and sig-ins for a simple kiddy candy crush looking game. But the Bird's Eye view of my character and the path he takes looks cool. The GUI looks nice, but also something that runs on Ubunto or Linux, modern looking. The install kicks off another download of 513MBytes, and this is way too much space for a game for my liking. The install is also somewhat slow, taking about 3 or 4 minutes, mostly extracting. The startup is also slow but seems normal. The install actually installs an App store, which then requires me to download the BrawlStars app. I must sign in to Google now. Behind the install, the screen is a list of other games to download. This is annoying. This install and sign in to Google are also taking about 5 minutes, saying, "Checking info." Now it appears I logged into Google Play store, and a third download and install start for BrawlStars. This is very confusing. 128MBytes needed for this 3rd install, and the download is very slow, 15% for a minute. Finally, the game is loading with music. Collect all Gems. The first level My character walks slow, but I didn't change the acceleration setting as notified by the game. I walk and shoot at things from a birds-eye view. The view is OK, but speed is slow, and using a mouse isn't great to shoot. This game looks fun, but the actual shooting and walking are too slow. The blowing up of other obstacles and characters is fun. It does not let me select one of the characters as seen on the splash screen during the install as I thought. Also, the end of level 1 is very strange, and it’s hard to tell where to walk. The colors in the game are the only good thing about it, and the fantasy aspect seems really cool.

I take up way too much space for a Windows Game related to Google. It took up over 2GBs of disk space. The music in the background is OK and doesn’t overpower the game. I would expect more brawling from this game, rather than navigating paths and walking around boulders. I really wish it allowed me to select a different character to be. The notification help wasn’t great in this area, of telling me what my player can do. It does seem to keep score of each game and compare me to others, which seems cool. It reminds me of Zelda on Nintendo.


Simple game that has cool guns and a cool top bird eye view of the game and player path
  • Allows custom install option to specify the folder location
  • Great simple graphics
  • Has notifications to increase performance on PCs
  • Assurance of Install by Google Play Store
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