Asus Ai Charger

by ASUSTeK Computer

A simple utility for Windows that enables you to charge your Apple devices through your PC’s USB ports

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ASUSTeK Computer

Release: Asus Ai Charger 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Asus AI charger is a small but mighty utility for Windows that converts your PC into a mega charger for all your Apple devices using your USB port. You can charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any other compatible Apple device directly from your PC while you work, play, or leave it in standby. While the Asus AI charger works best on an Asus computer, it can be used with most PC’s as well. If your PC is not compatible for some reason, a message will pop up indicating this when you try to use it.


  • Quickly charges your Apple devices and speeds up to 50% faster!
  • Compatible with almost all PC’s
  • Can be used while your PC is in on, in standby mode, or even turned off
  • Allows you to charge your Apple devices while you work on your PC

In a unique marriage of Apple device and PC, the Asus AI charger is a powerful Windows utility that allows you to charge your Apple devices directly from your PC. The program works by increasing the power available to your USB ports, which in turn enables them to charge up Apple devices at very rapid speeds. Asus AI charger is a straightforward installation, and you will need to reboot your computer once you have installed it before using it. Once you plug in your device, it should begin charging. If, for some reason, your PC does not get enough power to the USB port to allow for charging of the Apple device, the system will notify you with an error message near the battery indicator. The program runs with a small icon in the taskbar, letting you know that it is ready to use. It’s that simple!

Asus AI charger will charge your Apple device up to 50% faster, allowing for maximum charging efficiency.

So if you are ready to turn your PC into a high powered charging station for your Apple devices, then you can do a quick and easy installation of Asus AI charger today and maximize your charging potential!

Nick Ellis
This product allows you to get your asus devices charged much more quickly than other chargers
This is allowable for lots of forms of Asus computers and serves as an effective charger for them. It increases the power in USB ports and ultimately, is very easy to use. I like that it is easy to use and solves a great need. If feel as though it would be a great product for anyone who is looking for it.
Benjamin Vargas
website apears to be semi professional. icon of something that looks like sonic, and has a very dark layout.
The ASUS Ai charger is software that enables you to turn your ASUS device into a charger for Apple products. To do so, you require a desktop or laptop computer with an ASUS motherboard. Just connect your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with a USB cable and experience charging times up to 50% faster than traditional methods.
The website is very outdated with its color scheme and layout. However, the product seems to be like a very good, futuristic idea. The Asus Ai Charger is capable of more than what other chargers can do, which is a huge selling point. I think that there is a huge market for this product because in this day and age, mostly everything, including technology is gaining at a rapid speed. I would purchase this product for my devices!
Asus Ai Charger for Windows is a great brand that I trust and have the pleasure of using. I will highly recommend this charger because it charges my iPhone very quickly and efficiently. It was a good deal and I highly would want to buy another for my other devices. The Asus Ai Charger makes any PC into a flexible power dock for popular Apple devices through a USB connector.
Asus Ai Charger for Windows allows everything to become a universal charger for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products. It's nice to be able to do that. I've been looking for a long time. Just so happy to have found this cool download. Charging my different products goes like 50% faster now. It is a time saver. I can always use more time in my busy schedule. The software is compatible with all desktops. It's fast and reliable. What more can I ask for?
The Asus Ai Charger is a very effective product that serves an important purpose- quickly charging your dead devices such as iPods and iPads. Through a simple USB connector, the Asus Ai Charger charges your devices up to 50% faster. Thanks to the special software that allows for this rapid charging, the Asus Ai Charger allows for fast connectivity- no more waiting for slow-charging devices!
Ai charger would be perfect if it was a decade ago. The drawback is you have to make changes to your motherboard instead you can find a fast charger. It has some great feature though it can charge in any mood and it does not require any other third party. the best part of it was it was totally free software. you would have need help with motherboard though.
This app is a universal charger for so many devices. Never worry about your device going dead again. This app is 50% faster now as well! It runs so smoothly and does not slow down your computer. It makes it easy to stay focused on what you really want to stay focused on. It also shows you all of the functions as they are working on your PC.
The Asus Ai Charger is a revolutionary charging device for all of your iOS devices. You can use your motherboard or even your desktop to power your iPhone, your iPod, and even your iPad via USB. The Asus Ai Charger provides seamless charging and power to your handheld devices whether you're at the office or running errands. It's a convenient charging solution that fits your lifestyle.
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