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An accurate and fully automated time tracking software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Chrometa

Release: Chrometa 2.3

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Last revision: Last week

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Chrometa is an innovative software and application that acts as a personal timekeeper for your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone. It allows you to create invoices and keep track of your billable hours, helping you to focus on what's important. 


  • Record your work on your PC  and Mac and Android smartphone. Chrometa automatically captures time by recording how long you are working on existing documents and notes the details associated with the activity.  Time recording switches with you as you switch tasks. The technology enables you to compile an accurate timesheet by pausing and resuming recording in real-time. 
  • Provides customized categorizing of time. It allows you to set up keyboard-based rules (using email addresses, project numbers, phone numbers, and other keywords) to create customized timesheets automatically. You can edit and highlight your entries in seconds, giving you efficient control over your timesheets.
  • Creates invoices. Chrometa enables you to start an invoice quickly and efficiently from a timesheet view. You can create invoices for a specific project, and quickly reach out to all of your clients in the database. Export your timesheets for practice management or attorney billing. Customizable for any business application.
  • For use in accounting and bookkeeping, practice management, project management, and track productivity. It helps you to find projects and clients with the biggest profit margins as it allows you to compare time versus revenue.

Chrometa features an innovative and highly customizable design to track your PC, Mac, and smartphone activities for a virtual timesheet in real-time. It enables you to take charge of your business and never lose billable hours again. Whether you are a freelancer or an attorney, Chrometa is accurate, easy to use, secure, and committed to quality. 

Chrometa captures every minute of time spent across your computer and devices.
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Chrometa (24.79 MB)
Chrometa 2.3 (51.84 MB)
Myvizhiselvi SHANMUGAM
I can say chrometa is like a personal secretary manages everything on time based on priority.whether you work on your office computer or laptop,or even in the taplet or phone during short breaks or in travelling it manages all you time sheets from starting.It makes daily work easy by setting time followup and closeout for each tasks.
This application is fantastic. I use it at my very new company, I use it to help with management and I also use it to help keep track of my employees hours. Super helpful!
Jude Porter
This software is amazing on monitoring time spent doing tasks on your computer. My old software was manual so I had to start and stop each time I was doing a task for work and was a nightmare. Chrometa is all automatic so it starts when I start and stops when I stop which makes my life just that much easier.
This is a piece of software that is available on a lot of platforms which include PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android. It captures how much time you spend on your computer doing work. This would be great for people who have to report their hours to their boss when they are working at home.
Chrometa for Windows is an app that helps users to automatic time tracking software. Chrometa for Windows is automated and manual timers, in order to use this App you just need to open the App in this will run in the background of the PC you are using, after that the app will track and register all the time that you spend in every activity in your PC, the users can set as well the time they need for a specific task simply by pressing in Create a New rule option than you just need to select the task in the "Move to" section and determinate the period that it will be apply for the task finally you can save your selected preferences.
I recently purchased Chrometa for Windows to help keep track of all the hours I work. All I had to do is open it up and it automatically starts tracking billable hours. When Covid hit, I had to start working from home instead of my office and had to remember when I started a project or anything related to work to set a timer and record the time. That was not convenient considering my child would sometimes have my phone and by the time I could get it from them it would almost be dead. That’s when I discovered Chrometa. It was so much easier to open it up and just start whatever I needed to do. This has been a lifesaver and I would definitely recommend this product.
Chrometa is ideal for accountants, lawyers, project managers, and freelancers as it allows for them to track visits on web pages, programs while managing invoices, and URLs from team members. It is an excellent method of tracking time per job as it saves time, and there is also a smartphone app which is extremely useful when you’re on the road.
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