Connect your ASUS mobile phone to a PC

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product is a zero-cost, 100 percent licensed program that will make connecting your mobile device to your computer easier than ever. The product is offered from ASUS as a free download and can be found at multiple links across the web. Users can download the software and then follow the easy to use instructions to seamlessly replicate their mobile device on their PC screen. Most programs do not offer the quality, ease, and reliability of ASUS' PC LINK FOR WINDOWS. Here are some of the key features of this product.


  • Easy to use: This program is exceptionally simple to use. After downloading the product, users can simply connect the mobile device to any Windows computer via a USB cable and then run the program. The result is a perfect replication of the phone screen blown up to fit the PC. Users can then run apps, utilize phone features like texting and voice calling, or even use the larger screen of the PC to take notes or change phone settings - things that mobile phone screens are much too small to do.
  • High-Quality connection: With this product, users will not have to worry about viruses, malware, or other threats to security. If you plug your phone into a computer running sketchy software, you subject your data to serious risks. People have banks accounts, credit cards, and personal secrets linked to phones. With ASUS' product, you can be sure that you are connecting to an Officially licensed product from a brand you can trust.
  • It is FREE: Technology is expensive. Phones cost over a thousand dollars and computers can be five times that. Why should the program connecting the two or the cord to do it be expensive? ASUS found a solution and engineered it at no cost.

This product is a free, easy to use, and high-quality download that will maximize the usability of your mobile phone and PC. From a brand you can trust, ASUS offers seamless connectivity to help you with whatever you need to accomplish

It is free and officially licensed unlike other programs.

The only requirements are a PC and Android capable phone.

This program allows the user to mirror their screen on their PC. It can be used by new users or advanced users. This will allow the person to share the same screen onto their computer.
ASUS PC is such a great one that allows to make mobile phone mirrored on our PC, it helps us allow mouse and keyboard,and easy to make phone and it gives a great experience to its users. As technology simplifies human's job and work, ASUS helps so much to people and simplifies their job and gives a good mobile experience.
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