ATF Cleaner

Looks for files that are listed as temporary files and removes them from your system

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ATF cleaner is a great way to clean out everything your system misses. It looks for temporary files in the system and removes them. What's supposed to happen when you restart your computer is that files are supposed to be removed automatically, but most of the time, this rarely happens, and that's why it's best to use a cleaner to keep your system clear. The main reason why it's best to use the ATF cleaner is to remove malware in your system. Cleaning out your temporary files often makes it much more difficult for malware to form on your computer because the cleaner is constantly removing it. ATF cleaner is also non-invasive, meaning it goes in and does what they're supposed to do, and that is it. It also works very fast and Is simple and easy to use. It's also great because you can pick and choose which files you want to be deleted and which files you need.


  • ATF cleaner removes malware from your system.
  • Cleaning of the Javascript. A lot of cleaners don't clean Java scripts. 
  • Cleaning of history, caches, saved passwords, and cookies. 
  • Cleans all temporary files.

It is better to use ATF cleaner than using nothing if you choose just to ignore the problem and hope it goes away on its own you're creating much more of a bigger problem in the long run. Using ATF cleaner is an excellent way to keep your computer systems clean and free from viruses. Removing temporary files and keeping storage low also helps to keep your phone or computer running fast and smooth. ATF cleaner can also be used with other programs that detect spyware or viruses. It's better to have more than one cleaner just to be sure you were getting rid of any potential malware in the system

What makes ATF cleaner Better than other cleaners is that it will clean certain areas that most cleaners will not, and you can do select some of the temporary files that you want to keep, so it doesn't erase everything.


ATF Cleaner cleans those files left behind from system cleans and whatnot. However, it can also remove malware and assist with those hidden temporary files. You may also have a stash of java files, but ATF wipes those files as well. It seems it helps rid of clutter files especially those that you'll no longer need.
This program allows for the removal of temporary files from one's computer. It works quickly and effectively, allowing for the improvement and speed of one's computer. It definitely serves a great service and allows for this to be done quickly. I like this idea and definitely would continue to use it in the future.
Harry Bourgeois
The ATF Cleaner is an application for Windows 7 or higher, that removes temporary files from your PC and fragments of malware. The ATF Cleaner was developed by Atribune, and have a user rating of a 8.5 out of 10 stars for top performance with debugging your PC or laptop. One major feature I wish the ATF contained is a better customization cleaning option where there's more to choose from than limited selections.
ATF Cleaner is a cleaning software used in Windows Operating System. In Operating System, sometimes unwanted junk files may be stored those can be as temporary files in directories and Recycle bins. It helps to clean junk data in personal computer or laptop. Sometimes these unwanted data can affect performance of the system performance. ATF cleaner rectify these unwanted conditions in personal computer. This software act as a administrator of the computer and clean temporary files easily.
ATF Cleaner for Windows has made my life completely satisfying! I cannot go into words on how much I appreciate this program. This software has helped so much in deleting my temporary files from my hard drive. I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with this amazing program! Not only is it satisfying to my office life, but it is also priced exceptionally well! And completely worth the money!
ATF Cleaner is essential if you want to keep your computer clean. It's very non-invasive and saves you the hassle of looking for temporary files that need to be deleted and does the work for you, decluttering your pc and saving space for you. It's even able to remove remnants of previous malware to ensure your computer is safe and secure, I highly recommend this.
ATF Cleaner is 100% sure to clean all temp files and malware. Compare with other software this much much better product to have it with us. Normally all cleaning software fails to clean cent percent whereas the ATF is playing a great roll in eradicating temp and malware. This is very advance and user-friendly always boost our PC or laptops from mal and temp. This is a very simple and noninvasive program which does not affect any program of our desktops.
This app is a free and easy to use file cleaner that works on many different browsers. You can clean all temporary files with this app. When it is done cleaning, it shows you all of the available bytes left on the file. The program does not require installation and is free to use. It also does not take up much space at all. The software is clean and very sleek to look at.
ATF Cleaner is a software meant to clean up unnecessary, temporary files from your computer that may be missed otherwise. Performing this cleaning also helps to remove malware that your regular anti-virus software may miss due to it being fragmented by various websites. This service isn’t perfect but it is helpful in hat it aims to do. ATF Cleaner is a great add-on to clean up your PC and avoid unwanted malware, temp files, and other useless files on your computer.
Small program that can easily clean parts of your windows computer, such as internet history, and other temporary files. The result of removing these files is a faster and less cluttered computer. Can detect the browser that is being used and automatically offers to clean files left by that browser. Best of all, the program is portable and no installation is required in order to run the program.
ATF Cleaner for windows is a perfect personal temp file cleaner. We can do our works easily in various communities. It is a perfect straightforward interface. It works simply and very fast. And mainly it removes the parts of malware in the windows. And the temporary files will not be deleted. But sometimes it misses a few of the temporary files and it takes several minutes to respond.It gives the best features and updates to the users of the tool. The installation process is very fast and easy.
The best software is free. ATF Cleaner for Windows cleans up all temporary files for free. Sounds like what I need in my life. I need someone to help me clean up for free badly. This program cleans up temporary files on Windows, IE, Firefox among other browsers. It shows me the bytes that have freed up once the cleaning is done. That's space-saving.
Euan P*******o
ATF Cleaner is a free and portable tool that helps users clean out temporary files from their computers. It can detect and delete a wide range of junk files, including temporary internet files, cookies, and other application-specific files. It also has the ability to clear out the Windows Recycle Bin, temp folders, and other unnecessary files to help keep your system running faster.
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