by Dester

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dester

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Last revision: Last week

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This program checks the origin of APE, FLAC, SHN, WAV and LPAC files. In most cases, it will be able to determine whether or not a lossy encoding has been applied (i.e. converted from other lossy encoding formats, such as mp3).

The program uses a method called auCDtect developed by True-Audio Software Company. The result obtained by Audiochecker is the result of their software. For the correct operation of the program it is necessary to install all the necessary audio-codecs and also the file auCDtect.EXE is required

With a small and lightweight design Audiochecker has got to be one of the most useful audio format tools around. It comes loaded down with features. The program also uses a drag and drop feature to manage audio files making it very simple to select and manage files.
Dial in your audio settings on any track with this fast ,easy to use multi -dimensional all in one audio software
Audiochecker is a tiny and portable tool which analyzes the source of WAV, LPAC, SHN, APE and FLAC audio formats, in order to verify if the encoding is lossless
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