Vocal Jam

by Vocal Jam

A powerful vocal effects processor and looping application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vocal Jam

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Vocal Jam is a program for those who like to sing karaoke and want to improve their vocal skills. It also allows you to record an optical disc (CD-R, DVD-R) with a convenient menu of navigation through the songs, which will work correctly on any household players.

Vocal Jam doesn't look very presentable on the outside. The program hasn't been supported for a long time, so its graphic shell hasn't changed for the last fifteen years. For the same reasons, the program may experience problems with stability on new versions of Windows.

But behind the "archaic" interface there is a very rich and useful functionality. The program initially includes a library of popular songs that can be easily launched and started singing. The library can be enriched with new songs in KAR, SVE, MID and ST3 formats. Vocal Jam also knows how to record vocals and evaluate them, giving a rating in points. The recording is saved in WAV format (16 bits / 44.1 kHz). Static images in BMP and JPG formats, as well as video in AVI format are allowed as visualization. The Vocal Jam user has the ability to control the pitch and tempo of songs using the keyboard shortcuts.

As mentioned above, Vocal Jam is not only for entertainment, but also for development purposes. The program is based on a unique technique that helps to develop musical hearing by performing simple vocal exercises and chants with "hitting" the notes displayed on the screen. There's also a course of solfeggio.

- A ready-made song library that can be replenished with your own files in KAR, MID, SVE and ST3 formats;

- support for vocal recording and performance evaluation in points;

- Karaoke discs for home CD/DVD players with a convenient navigation menu;

- several themes of interface design;

- support for external MIDI devices;

- hotkeys to control the tempo and pitch of songs being played back;

- Ready-made exercises that help develop musical hearing;

- the possibility of using video in AVI format as a visualization for karaoke.

For Karaoke enthusiasts like me, Vocal Jam would be very useful.
If you are into music and creation, vocal jam is for you. Its a great way to obtain perfect audio and get creative at the same time.
"A fun, exciting way to make unique effects for your projects, available in Windows and Mac platforms."
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