by Lim Jing Hao

A tool for automatic mouse clicks in fixed or cursor following modes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lim Jing Hao

Release : AutoClicker

Antivirus check: passed

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AutoClicker is an incredibly useful software that automates mouse clicks for Windows users. It offers two modes of clicking: 1) tracking the position of the mouse cursor, and 2) clicking at a fixed position set by the user. All click settings are automatically saved between usages, making the program exceptionally user-friendly.

Originating from the AutoClicker project by mousetool, which gained significant popularity but is now discontinued, AutoClicker is an enhanced and more efficient version. Numerous bugs have been fixed, and the clicking speed has been significantly increased. It is a continuously evolving project, with its code regularly checked and tested to ensure quality and reliability.

Using AutoClicker is straightforward. Simply select it from the standard Windows programs menu or click on the icon on your Windows desktop. The program starts up and is immediately ready to perform click tasks. Just press the default trigger key (F1). The user interface is easy to understand, and you can adjust all click settings, which are saved automatically between successive uses.

AutoClicker significantly reduces manual effort and increases efficiency by automating repetitive mouse clicks.
  • A dual-mode auto clicker: 1) track the mouse cursor, 2) click at a user-defined position.
  • Retains all click settings and saves them automatically between each use of the application.
  • Supports clicking even when the application window is minimized (in background mode).
  • Allows any key to activate mouse clicks (selected by the user).
  • Supports left, middle, and right mouse button clicks.
  • Can generate single, double, triple click events.
  • Supports a finite arbitrary number of clicks as well as infinite clicking.

The software offers a simple, elegant, and intuitively understandable user interface. It uses little CPU, even at a significantly increased click rate. Being a free and open-source project, it has no advertisements and doesn't include any viruses. It is the most useful standard mouse clicking application for Windows.

Windows 7 or later OS
At least 512 MB RAM
10 MB free hard drive space
Mouse or similar pointing device

Automates repetitive clicks, saving time and reducing physical strain.
Offers dual-mode clicking for customized user experience.
Retains settings, making repeated use easier.

May trigger anti-virus software due to auto-clicker capabilities.
Automated clicks may lead to unintended actions.
Quick, repeated clicking may overheat the mouse.
Simplified mouse click automation.
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