by AutoClicker Lab

A flexible keyboard and mouse recorder and a reliable software testing tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AutoClicker Lab

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AutoClickExtreme is an application that allows you to automate some routine operations with your computer. It allows you to record a specific scenario of moving the cursor, clicking with different mouse keys and pressing the keyboard keys, and then make the program play this scenario a specified number of times. As you can see, there are a lot of ways to use this functionality. Autoclicking applications are usually especially popular with webmasters, SEO-optimizers, system administrators, designers and other specific professions. By the way, AutoClickExtreme will be useful for fans of multiplayer games, where you need to perform monotonous operations to extract resources or kill "mobs". But don't forget that in many games autoclickers are banned and players who use such applications can block.

AutoClickExtreme offers the user a simple and advanced interface. In the first case, the shell is a small window that displays the Record and Play keys, as well as a slider for the number of repetitions. Since the purpose of the controls is clear from their names, it makes no sense to dwell on them in more detail. But in the advanced mode, in addition to the above, the user can view the recorded scripts and manage them. There you can also set up the binding of clicks to specific pixels on the screen, the ability to select and copy text, as well as select hotkey combinations to run different scripts.

- allows you to automate the movement of the cursor, clicks and keystrokes on the keyboard;

- allows you to record and playback the selected number of times;

- can "tie" actions to pixels on the screen;

- supports selection, copying and pasting of text into specific windows on the screen;

- has a simple and advanced interface.

A reliable software testing tool that records actions automatically and replays them in the right place, at the right time without mistakes
I've used a few autoclicker programs, and AutoClickExtreme is so far one of the best. By utilizing recorded actions, it adds a human-like element to your mouse moving and clicking, and even typed in keystrokes, leading to a fully automated computer that doesn't come across as robotic, which requires no programming to setup. The software itself features a very minimalist window with intuitive, easy to use recording options, and reliable/consistent playback that allows you to enter the number of replays, with the ability to even adjust replay speed as needed. It costs $35, which is hefty for an autoclicker, but comes with enough features and customizations to justify the price.
It is a reliable auto clicker in the market. It is the accuracy of replay, flexibility, and quickness. an overall efficient auto clicker
I was looking for an effective software to automate my computer works and software tests. I was searching for a long time to find a better application. One of my friends suggested me to try AutoClickExtreme for Windows. That was one awesome application. Now, I can able to automate my computer works and software tests most efficiently. I'm very much thankful for the team who have developed this software.
Are you looking for new software to help you in your computer work? Consider Auto Click Extreme for all your needs. This software program will help you cut down on your work time and repetitive use of keys. Auto Click extreme contains automatic recording and using of Macros to help you when building a website. All with an easy to use dashboard that is very simple to understand.
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