by Andrew Zhezherun

A DjVu file reader that allows the user to view DjVu files easily

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Andrew Zhezherun

Release: WinDjView 2.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9748

This product is a DJVU file reader comparable to Adobe Acrobat


  • It is free to download install and use.
  • Has all the features of paid viewers.
  • Is easily navigated once installed.
  • Has a crisp display of scanned items and image files.

DJVU files are an image based file that needs to be displayed easily and crisply and this software does that well. It is easy to download, install and maneuver. It has all the features of Adobe Acrobat and its free. It has a pleasing design that allows even a beginner to navigate it with ease. The design is of the software allows a novice user to just jump right in and get to work. I think the developers did a great job of providing a software program that meets the needs of those that work with DJVU files. This program gives you all the features of much more expensive products for no money at all which is wonderful. I think that if you need a DJVU file viewer you should seriously check this program out and try it today. I know you will not be disappointed/ It downloads and installs very quickly and you will be up and running in no time. It is also not a huge program so it takes up little space on your hard drive. I found it to be extremely easy to learn and use. I would highly recommend it to those that deal with DJVU files for business or for personal endeavors such as archiving photos and documents for historical purposes or data collection. It will make your projects much easier and more professional. I just know you will find this program useful for all your archiving needs. I like to preserve everything important by scanning and archiving them and saving them digitally and DJVU makes accessing these images simple and speedy.

It seems to be easy to use and free.

Aaron Yates (unverified)
WinDjView is a free alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing .DJVU files. It is a full featured viewing suite that offers comparable capability to more expensive paid software. It's light on system resources and designed to be easy to use for novice users. It is suitable for business and personal use and will meet your archiving needs in a fast and simple fashion.
Blair (unverified)
I think windjview is a good Djvu windows product. Its a free use product and compatible with Mac and Windows versions 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista. It has continuous or single page layout, tabbed document interface, supports dictionaries, text searching, advanced printing options, exports pages to different formats, and has many interfacing languages. I am considering giving the product a try because of the features described.
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