File Renamer Basic

by Sherrod Computers

Rename, copy and move batches of files or folders

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sherrod Computers

Release: File Renamer Basic 5.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Microsoft Windows is a file management system that has been around since 1985, so you’d think by now it would have a very robust batch processing feature set, but it doesn’t. That’s where File Renamer Basic comes in handy: rename, copy and move multiple files, photos or folders at once. Large buttons, a Ribbon toolbar and extensive Help menu make Renamer Basic an easy, useful addition to Windows.


  • Rename, copy and move multiple files or folders
  • Filter or sort files by properties
  • Preview changes before applying
  • Undo changes
  • Tool Tips
  • Supports regular expressions
  • ID3 (v1 and v2) and EXIF tag editing
  • Saved profiles for repeated tasks
  • Windows Explorer-style tree view file browser
  • Search for and insert EXIF (photo) keywords
  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8

File Renamer Basic for Windows can not only rename, copy and move most files and folders, but it can also scan thumbnails, filter files by extension and edit prefixes, suffixes and other file elements like EXIF data and ID3 tags. Its rich feature set is kept under control with a modern Microsoft Office-style Ribbon toolbar, Windows Explorer-style tree file browser, and large Preview, Apply and Undo buttons.

Related tools and settings are grouped together for intuitive, fast work. You can select or filter files using prefixes, suffixes, separators, unique parameters, and extensions. You can completely rename files or edit parts of the file name using insert and remove features: including adding to the front of the name, to the end, or inserting in the middle.

The Ribbon menu includes a Copy/Move tab, Delete/Insert/Remove tab, Find/Replace tab, and Advanced tab. The Help menu has a full manual and a user forum. File Renamer also lets you create and save profiles so that you can easily perform recurring moving and renaming tasks.

File Renamer Basic (by Sherrod Computers) is a free utility that has a Microsoft Office-style Ribbon toolbar to keep its many features and functions nice and tidy.
Stefan Burney
A file management system that allows the user to manage and move files across the user system in a way thats fast and effective. It allows you to copy and paste many files at once allowing bulk projects to be done in a breeze
File Renamer Basic provides computer users with an easy way to to bring order out of chaos. With this program, one can scan for certain types of files, then easily move them into a single folder. Thumbnails that are stored in various places on a hard drive, for instance, can be selected and moved into one place with ease. Batches of files or folders can also be renamed or moved at once. The File Renamer Basic toolbar closely resembles the one in Microsoft Office, which means most people will have no difficulty figuring out how to use the program.
Robbie Delvalle
File Renamer Basic is a free Windows application. It gives users the ability to copy, rename, and move folders and files based on a large range of options and properties. It has the ability to scan thumbnails, filter the files by extension, & add prefixes or suffixes or other elements, including unique parameters. Its unique feature of letting a user preview changes before the user makes them allows users to ensure they are creating something grammatically correct or a title they wanted. Users can also undo changes after making them as well. It has a high rating of 4/5 stars.
I had a bunch of files I want to rename. I downloaded File Renamer Basic for Windows to help with the job. It's so easy to install. I can now easily rename videos and files on my PC. It has a powerful search functionality too. It gets the job done right. Thank goodness I found this piece of software.
Luke Q.
File Renamer Basic is a powerful and easy-to-use file renaming utility that allows you to quickly and easily rename multiple files at once. It offers a variety of renaming options, including the ability to add prefixes, suffixes, replace or remove text, change case, and add or remove numbers. It also includes a preview feature, so you can see how the file names will look before you actually rename them.
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