iBackup Viewer

by iMacTools.com

Allows one to extract data from iPhone Backups

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iMacTools.com

Release: iBackup Viewer 4.12.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iBackup Viewer is an iPhone extraction software that lets you get all you're old data from you're old iPhone.


  • Free version works all paid features(extract contacts, exporting and printing SMS and iMessage messages to PDF, photos videos and more
  • Encrypted iOS backups(will get data from encrypted iPhone backups)
  • Save backed up Contacts(extract iPhone backups and export to mac address book or contacts app)
  • Extract SMS, WhatsApp History(Extract and recover SMS messages from iTunes backups, save chats to pdfs, create HTML files for all messages)
  • Photo and Video Attachments( Messages will always contain photos and video clips for sharing, iBackup Viewer will also extract the said attachments for showing and saving)
  • Save iOS notes( iBackup viewer allows you to extract and save notes to you're computer easily to text files)
  • Export Voice Memos and Recordings( iBackup viewer helps you save voice recordings from you're iPhone, allows you to extract all memos and recordings and play/preview recordings)
  • Save and Print Phone Call History(iBackup viewer allows you to save call history as text files)
  • Extract Photos from old iPhone backups( iBackup viewer can extract photos from backups, you can then save the photos to your computer easily)
  • Export internet view History/ Bookmarks to Safari( iBackup viewer will extract wanted internet history and can bookmark favorited ones)
  • View app files in a different mode( View files as text, binary, image and property list format. iBackup viewer will automatically detect the file format) 

iBackup Viewer is a free and paid software that lets iPhone users extract and in some cases manipulate data from iPhone backups. The free version has all features as paid, paid just has unique bonuses that aren't at all necessary, like the encrypted iOS backups. iBackup viewer is very useful for anyone that like to backup data or just likes upgrading their phone a lot and don't want to lose data.

Has a free version plus the paid version has many lets you extract a lot of data
Daniel Feliciano
iBackup Viewer allows the iPhone user to extract all of their data from their phone, allowing them a secure option to backup their current phone, and transfer the data to a new phone. Although the free version will be more than sufficient for most users, the paid version will have bonus features such as the option of encrypting the data.
iBackup Viewer is pretty handy as many of the file formats of the raw exports are not usable without other software. For example, you definitely need some kind of converter to view SMS messages. iBackup Viewer will handily do that for you, converting it all to readable HTML.
iBackup Viewer is the extraction software that is used to retrieve old data from the old Iphone. It has many features like SMS extraction, Save iOS notes, Photo and Video Attachments, Export Voice Memos and Recordings. iBackup Viewer is the free as well as paid software that is used to extract the data backups.It is the very useful software and it prevents the data loss.
Ethan Dowling
This product is a better quality and the price is cheaper when compare to the other competitors. Although there is a pro version available to pay, free version should be more than enough to complete the user tasks.
Ibackup viewer, easy to use, fast, compatible with Windows & Mac! Reliability you can bank on. Ibackup is completely safe for both phone & Pc. Secure ~ securely backed up on their servers. Features 2 factor authentication for extra security! If you live life depending on your phone, then Ibackup is a must have for you & your memories! I personally will be recommending this product, as well as gifting it to those I love.
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