Lenovo Vantage

by Lenovo

Manage device tasks such as updating drivers, detecting viruses and requesting support

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lenovo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Lenovo Vantage eliminates the need for an entire suite of annoying bloatware that slows down and clutters your computer. With this program, you can manage all essential functions from one centralized application. You'll never have to go searching through different folders to find what you need to have all of your device's functions brought up to date. Trust Lenovo Vantage to have everything you require for keeping your computer on the right track.


  • Safety comes first with Lenovo Vantage - Always have the latest and greatest in virus and malware detection capabilities.
  • Systems diagnostics, driver updates and support functions - These essential functions just got a whole lot easier to run.
  • Personalization features and tailored recommendations - You're guaranteed a unique experience catered to fit your needs.
  • Transfer/back up files - Import files from the previous device upon installation. No need for Bluetooth or removable drives.

Lenovo Vantage has been specifically designed for Windows 10 to give you the kind of personalized experience you deserve. You'll receive customized tips and alerts for when your action is required and you can rest assured that online browsing, networks, and passwords will remain secure. You can have as much or as little control as you want. One simple interface is your gateway to maintaining constant fast and secure use of your device. Updating drivers, maintaining recent virus and malware fighting databases and accessing support has never been this simple and intuitive. Let us make your PC easier.

This program functions as an all-in-one application to ensure your computer is always running smoothly.

- Supported Operating System: Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher, Windows 10 version 10586.0 or higher

- Processors: Arm, x86

- Free installation included on all Lenovo personal computers

The Lenovo Vantage application for Windows provides solutions for home and business. At home, it makes it easier to update drivers, run diagnostics and provides robust support. For play at home, it allows optimization of settings and personalizing your gaming experience as you see fit. Similarly, its solution for small and medium-sized businesses provides solutions for optimizations, diagnostics and security. Overall, Lenovo advantage improves your pc experience.
I love the general overview of your PC that this software gives you. You can think of it as a basic command center. It allows you to search for any system updates, allows you to manage the cooling fan settings, and also lets you manage the health of your battery. Not entirely sure how much space the software takes up, but it has allowed me to keep my Lenovo running efficienctly. No complaints!
This app is great for keeping drivers updated and running system scans as well as security features on windows ten. You can even request help from the app provider if something goes wrong. This app is also good for configuring gaming settings and for small businesses. They even have a version for commercial use. I recommend this app for any user.
Came with my laptop (Lenovo L13) and has kept it up to date since the day I got it. Makes downloading any BIOS/firmware updates a subconscious thing - haven't had to worry about them at all! With all the data leaks and security issues you hear about, keeping your device up to date is a necessity. Recommended
Lenovo Vantage has changed my life. It’s great for using when I’m gaming on my desktop PC. It helps me update drivers for my graphics card when I’m upgrading parts for my PC. It also lets me run a diagnostic report when it’s running slowly or I’m having any issues. It also has the option to allow me to add personalized settings to my gaming set up which I love.
Lenovo has always been known for its quality notebooks and Lenovo Vantage is one of the Lenovo software that was launched in 2017. Lenovo Vantage is compatible with Lenovo notebooks, desktops and tablets running on Windows 8.1 or 10 operating systems. Most Lenovo laptops come preloaded with Lenovo Vantage which includes useful apps such as Lenovo Companion, Lenovo Settings etc . Lenovo companion app helps to identify your machine battery health, network and storage device status, connected devices etc. Lenovo settings app gives you access to Wireless settings, language setting , Update & security settings where you can find important updates easily. Definitely would recommend this software.
Lenovo Vantage software for windows is specifically launched by LENOVO for windows 7,8 and also for Windows 10 and improves better performance for PC'S. I have been using this software for nearly 2 years and helps to save my battery life for long time.It has lots of custom settings and it works better for PERSONAL COMPUTER.
I'm a big fan of Lenovo Vantage because it's compatible as a device management program for my Lenovo laptop and PC. It helps to make sure that all of my devices are running at peak performance and that all are optimized with the latest updates and have the newest apps installed. It even keeps me posted about which deals Lenovo is coming out with.
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