Blood Magic

by GitHub

Lets you play a game and have fun with Dungeons and Dragons.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GitHub

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can secretly hide from your opponents and then strike them down without them knowing you were there.

  • You can select how much fire comes out of the dragon's mouth.
  • You can select which heavy metal chains your character will wear.
  • You can select how dense the trees are, and whether the sun is out or not.
  • The best feature is building your own castle to live in and be spoiled by good fruits and baskets of food, brought to you by servants.
  • You can then make up a poor person and how they dream of becoming a knight just like you. You can place words in their mouth and dream of what they would say to you if they ever met you. You could dream of stealing some gold for yourself and your family, from the royal castle, and not get caught at all, ever. You would enjoy a nice quiet life until a dragon came upon the land. You were then to choose what happens to you and your family and YOUR GOLD.
  • You can create a story like this one, or create one of your own. The idea is to have lots of fun creating anything you want, with this program. You can create your castle way up high in the mountains, or create one in the middle of a city. To be real different, you could create a castle right on the beach! Now that would be unusual. Something you can also create is when you’re in a bad mood or angry mood, you can create a more bloody battle for your men. On days when you’re in a better mood or a good mood, you can create less blood or no blood at all. See, everything is up to you. You can get satisfaction no matter what mood you’re in. You can make your characters call people names, or say really nice things to them. Everything you do in your game is up to you.

There are no special computer requirements for this program. It was made generically and can be played on all types of computers, even MACs. The only requirement for you is that you may want to get a great pair of headsets so that you can hear all of the small noises that this software has. You will claim to your friends, Incredible details!!

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