by Lincolnbeach

Flexsite is a muti-platform HTML editor that allows highly efficient editing.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lincolnbeach

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Flexsite is a one-of-a-kind HTML editor that allows users to drastically increase their productivity and efficiency. With the power of Flexsite, users can both edit and view their HTML documents and correct them on the fly. Most editors don't allow users to work directly with HTML code, but Flexsite enables that feature. This allows users to design their pages and products in real-time without needing to correct errors later on.



Edit and view your HTML projects in real time.


  • Work on several projects at once
  • Easy access to all projects by page grouping.
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Spell check and Auto-correct options
  • Free to use.
  • Works on all Windows OS


As a web designer, the most annoying part of the job is working with HTML. Using the code isn't bad but being unable to check how the code looks until I'm finished is the real hassle. Flexsite allows me to look at my projects as I am coding them. This feature alone has saved me thousands of hours in code correction, and so on. I think one of my biggest issues when it comes to correcting HTML errors is when I couldn't locate the error. That would force me to start the project over from scratch and I hope I didn't repeat the mistake again. Thanks to Flexsite, I'll never run into that issue ever again. 


Another thing I love about this program is the fact I can work on several projects at once. Since I mainly build websites with HTML, that means I can design an entire website without needing to break up the project into several pieces. I can look at the entire website as a whole, instead of hoping that each page fits with the others. Flexsite is easy and free to use which is another positive, and I recommend everyone give it a try.

Windows OS

I love using Flexsite for Windows because it features a split screen, and this enables me to both view and work on my document simultaneously. Unlike other options that are out there on the market, I'm able to do all of my editing directly in HTML so I can make sure that my page's output matches the vision I have when I'm inputting the code.