by Outerspace Software

A Windows desktop app for creating intro videos

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Outerspace Software

Release: BluffTitler 10.01

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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BluffTitle is the best new app that has made life simpler for creating 3D videos.  The BluffTitler 'Outerspace Software' is designed for the level that best suits you.  You can get in Easy and Pro.  The added features to version 11.0 include everything you need to create that perfect video, including a bitmap tracer, stereo rendering, new better and improved bitmap fonts, contour drawing, and a post-render command-line option. 

When creating your videos, the BluffTitler display appears as two floating windows -

1.  One displays the title video, and

2.  Second displays a control panel window containing all of the tools used to construct and design the title. 

Similar to other graphics applications - BluffTitler uses layers to organize and separate the elements into the title design. With the Pro version - there are 19 layers, with each layer has been pre-assigned to a particular function for creating your video. The end result and finish videos are shown in real time - definitely a plus for creating videos in little time.  

The BluffTitler Windows desktop app is affordable and easy to use

  • The BluffTitler is 'superfast.'  BluffTitler uses DirectX 11, which is the best high profile state of the art 3D game technology create and showcase your animations in real-time. This feature is super fast for exporting videos.
  • With the various features to create unique effects using the Complex 3D rendering techniques that will simplify the depth of field, displacement, and cube mapping, it makes it super easy for beginners and advanced users.
  • The best part is that there are so many templates available and ready to use to create the most appealing videos ever. It all comes with the installer that is easy and simple.  
  • Depending on how you wish to export your videos, BluffTitle gives you the added edge in exporting your video titles as a video file or as numbered frames that are good for any resolution frame rate, compression, and with or without alpha channel.


Sylvia Man
My line of work involves creating animated videos on YouTube and this product is amazing! It was very affordable and creates my vids quickly and efficiently. I also like to he fact that it displays both the control and video screen at the same time.
BluffTitler is an easy way to make high-quality homemade intros. This is very useful to people who want to do this without breaking the bank. It's a revolutionary software that gives power back to the consumer. It makes anyone feel like they are a famous director.
Lewis Li
I highly recommend Blufftitler for Windows. This a great app specially for people into doing youtube video intros or just for family. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get the 3D animation. They have hundreds of templates ready to use. It also has many export options how awesome is that.
Wow! the app is really good. The way it aids the adding of effects to videos makes it a very good app to use. Good work guys!
BluffTitler is a software solution that helps you to create 3D titles and effects. It is easy to use and affordable software with permanent improvements.
This is really interesting to use for intro videos. I just am trying it out but it seems pretty easy to use so far. It's affordable as well. I use it mainly for the 3D aspects of it. It's very interesting and unique. I just now use it!
BluffTitler for Windows uses 3D technology to deliver your animated videos very quickly. BluffTitler is an app for desktops and helps users to avoid expensive and difficult 3D apps. This is an affordable way to add fun and interesting effects to your videos. Some of the effects include displacement mapping, cube mapping, and depth of field. BluffTitler comes with many templates that are ready to use. BluffTitler offers multiple ways to export your videos, such as PNG, JPG, MP4 and AVI. The simplicity of this software product is what makes it stand out above the rest.
WOW what an amazing tool. This application helps you to create your own animation without any cost because it's free.
BluffTitler is a new program which is used for creating intro videos. The intro videos might be made for a presentation or other media affair. Windows PCs are needed to run BluffTitler on its own. The system requirements can be explained in good time for the people. Windows PC units can run the program with great ease thanks to the user.
BluffTitler for Windows is a software to help you create a 3D titles and adding video effects to them. Moreover, the software is easy to use and there is a free version however there is a bit of limitation. In addition, you can create video titles, outros, promos, bumpers, and so on. Furthermore, there is a feature-packed as well as multiple templates. Besides, it lets you add special effects and export them as videos to your computer.
BluffTitler is an amazing windows application for making intro videos with some spectacular features such as 3D effects, great introductions, bumpers, stingers e.t.c The application has other amazing templates and the app is super fast and very easy to use. one of the best features of the application is that it has many export options that have different resolutions, therefore, making the application suitable for different clients and users
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