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Bonjour is a technology developed by Apple that automatically detects computers, services and equipment connected to local networks. Bonjour refers to Zero Configuration Networking, a set of technologies used to create IP networks that do not require configuration and installation of supporting servers. With Bonjour, devices on the network can detect each other without using either IP addresses or DNS servers. Bonjour includes a print wizard, system service and a plugin for Internet Explorer that allows you to find local web servers. Bonjour sends and receives packets via the UDP protocol (port 5353) - so if you use a firewall, you may need to open this port. The Bonjour system service runs in the background, monitoring network requests and caching the list of devices connected to the network. This allows you to quickly (almost instantly) find network devices and services. With Bonjour you can also print documents over the network.

- Automatic detection of network services and devices;

- Print documents on network printers.

Bonjour Technology is one of the most easiest technologies in networking It will make networking easy. Configuration and installation of network is a very difficult thing in this field, So here in Bonjour there is no need of configuration of supporting servers.
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Bonjour for Windows is a printing service which can be used with ethernet or usb printer. It sends and receives network packet on UDP port 5353.
Bonjour is a software program, which was initially created by the Apple company. One of the main functionalities of the Bonjour software program is to allow for zero configuration between various types of devices. It allows for devices being run by both Apple & Windows to run, connect, & share resources without the need for settings configurations. Bonjour for Windows runs the software just as seamlessly as it is run for Apple.
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