by LyX Team

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LyX Team

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LyX is an open source document processor with the ability to write the structure of a document, not just its appearance. The program combines the power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX with the simplicity of a graphical interface. The result is professional creation of mathematical content (with the help of an integrated formula editor) and structural documents such as scientific articles, theses and books.

Using Lyx, you can write a letter, a literary work, a script for a theatre or film. A wide set of ready-made templates, allows you to create documents in a short time. The application is designed for people who want to create a great document without spending a lot of time on it. The ease of use of the program does not dwell on details such as formatting, font or page boundaries. Lyx looks just like any other word processor. It can print the finished document in PDF format, for comfortable viewing in electronic form.

- easy-to-use GUI;

- Setting up keyboard shortcuts;

- a text augmentation system;

- built-in WYSIWYG page editor;

- visual formula editor;

- support for LaTeX commands and code;

- A wide range of supported import/export formats;

- right to left letter support;

- the formula editor;

- document version control system.

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