Canvas X

by ACD Systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ACD Systems

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42353

Canvas is a graphical editor that can be used to edit vector and raster images, create multi-page presentations and technical documentation, and comment and edit drawings.

Canvas allows you to draw different objects, apply sizes to them, and use color or hatching. Drawing complex objects is made easier because the user can draw automatically rectangles, cubes, complex polygons, spirals, tables, etc.

When viewing and editing existing drawings and illustrations, you can add special technical symbols. The program collection includes 16 categories of different special symbols for commenting and supplementing building designs, cartography, electrical diagrams, transport drawings, etc.

Canvas gives you the ability to create and edit fairly complex vector and raster images. You can retouch photos, correct scanned images, use transparency, and draw with a brush, pencil, spray, etc.

If you are working with drawings, you can use this graphical editor to set the dimensions. The program has functions of automatic measurement of horizontal, vertical and inclined lines, as well as diameters, radii, angles and some other objects.

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