Bonzi Buddy

by GetBonzi

An iconic desktop virtual assistance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GetBonzi

Antivirus check: passed

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Bonzi Buddy is a virtual monkey made for easy email usage and so much more. In short, this program creates a friendly purple monkey on your desktop, capable of many complex things. It helps you with your emails, as well as just spending your time with a new purple friend. Overall, it is simply a collection of different utility tools mixed in with an assistant, who can crack jokes and talk to you.

There are also add-ons available for this software choice, which can be found in the built-in Add-Ons tab. Many remember this program from the bronze age of computers, so they may even feel nostalgic for this classic of virtual assistance! Bonzi Buddy uses text-to-speech technology for better communication between Bonzi and you, as well as bases itself on Windows Assistance predecessor. This software practically acts as a virtual pet on your PC, which you can interact with during or outside your computer work, also making up for a great utility program.


A virtual assistance monkey, capable of sending emails, talking, joking and more
  • Easy and simple interface - crystal clear for both experienced and novice computer users
  • Built-in search engine, which can act as a handy and fast way of searching for needed information without leaving certain tabs
  • Scheduling calendar, as well as various kinds of watches and their designs
  • Different ways of spending time, such as jokes, talks, fun facts, and Bonzi-made songs! 
  • Built-in BonziWORLD, in which you can update your Bonzi Buddy, check different sections consisting of Entrainment, Sports, Travel, Shopping, Games, and Finance, as well as news from different sources.
  • Organize all of your work in a few clicks using the given tools of Bonzi Buddy, gathering the power of internet and your computer space to operating a single program.
  • Lots of email-related utilities, such as an appointed email auto-sender, special emojis for emailing, tools for downloading attached files and so much more!

To summarize - Bonzi Buddy is a classic piece of software in which simplicity meets efficiency and humorous purple gorilla, which will surely keep you occupied and entertained while on your computer!

Windows OS 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/Vista/7
Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
Microsoft Agent core components
Minimum 32MB RAM

Interactive digital assistant with playful elements.
Helps navigate the web and organize internet use.
Offers price comparison to save money.

Can slow down computer performance noticeably.
Possesses intrusive advertising methods.
Reported issues of unauthorized data collection.
Free PDF Maker
Easily create and print high-quality PDFs from any Windows application without Adobe software.