by Pandemic Moon

A fake coding and hacking application to prank your friends or loved ones.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pandemic Moon

Release : HackerTyper 1.1

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you want to be a hacker or at least act like one? With Hacker Typer, you can simulate that you’re hacking a system and trick your family or close ones. It is a fake coding and hacking application designed to bring smiles to people’s faces by giving them access to different hack codes so they can prank others. It has two presets, terminal and kernel, to manage the background processes so you can type anything using the keyboard.

The main idea of Hacker Typer revolves around a fake online hacking simulator in which different codes will appear, making it look like you’re hacking something in reality. This software is designed inspired by the media industry or movies where a computer geek gets access to others personal information. The beautiful keyboard makes it look realistic, and a dark-colored background with vibrant lights adds to the graphics of this application.


  • A fake hacking application designed to trick others and turn your hacking dreams into pseudo-reality.
  • It contains two presets, the terminal and kernel, so you can easily access the software and type anything on the screen.
  • You can type any letter, and it will turn into a hack code so your friends cannot understand the fake codes, and you can easily trick them.
  • It looks realistic due to a bright, visually appealing graphical interface and icons displayed on the screen.
  • By clicking the icons, you can access different programs and use them as a fun application to do coding or hack pranks on friends or family.
  • It is free software compatible with every device, so you can easily use it on Windows, Android, MacOS, and IOS devices.

Overall, Hacker Typer is super easy to use. All you have to do is press any buttons on the keyboard, and the software will generate a fake code on the screen. This way, you can trick your friends and convert letters into code with just a few clicks.

Hacker Typer allows you to act like a pro hacker and use different terminals that contain hack codes so you can trick your family or friends.
Requires a keyboard for input
Accessible to all programming levels
Regular software updates needed for new codes

Simple, user-friendly interface, accessible to all skill levels.
Quickly generates complex programming code with each keystroke.
Excellent learning tool for understanding coding and programming.

Doesn't provide real coding education.
Lacks practical application beyond entertainment.
Can inadvertently promote hacking culture.
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