Eye Saver

by Leosoft ltd.

Protects your eyes when you work on your computer screen for long hours

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Leosoft ltd.

Release : Eye Saver 2.48

Antivirus check: passed

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Eye Saver is a software which takes care of your eyes when you are working on your computer screen for long hours. It is important because screens release different harmful rays like the blue light, which damages the eyes. With the Eye Saver software, you can work on the computer longer without worrying about your eyes.


  • The Eye Saver software is designed to filter out all the blue light that is thrown out by the screens and displays. It also helps you by making the colors of the screen warmer, so that they are easy on the eyes. With this feature, you can ensure you don’t get your eyes strained and avoid affecting your sleep cycle.
  • When using screens for longer hours, it is critical to avoid the flickering light of the display’s backlight. It causes eye strain and leads to headache. Eye Saver work smartly to stop all the flickering and offers a stable visual environment, which reduces the risk of exposure to eye-related issues.
  • Sometimes when we are working with focus, we forget to take breaks. The software knows this. It has a reminder feature that gives you the ability to set reminders, which tells you to take regular breaks. When you follow this, it reduces the risks of getting redness in the eyes, and fatigue.
  • You get the feature of activating the Eye Saver software automatically according to your schedule. You can pick a time, like the evening or at night, when there is low ambient light. It saves you from the trouble of forgetting to turn on the software before working. 
  • There are different modes you can explore as well. Customize the light and color settings for different activities like watching movie, gaming, reading, etc. Save these exact settings by creating unique profile so you don’t have to do it again.
  • You get overlay effects that can dim only the edges of the screen. This is great for reducing unnecessary light and focusing your vision on the central part of the display.

Eye Saver is useful software that protects your eyes from harmful exposure to computer screens. It has many great features, such as automatic activation, overlay effects, the ability to create profiles, and more. Eye Saver is a must-have tool if you feel strain in your eyes when working for longer hours.

Customize the light and color settings for different activities like watching movie, gaming, reading, etc. Save these exact settings by creating unique profile.
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
Minimum 1GB RAM
100MB free disk space
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher

Reduces blue light exposure, protecting eye health.
Eliminates screen flicker to prevent headaches.
Break reminders promote healthier computer usage habits.

May alter screen colors noticeably, affecting graphic design tasks.
Lacks advanced customization options for individual user preference.
No multi-monitor support, limits its usability.
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