Love Calculator

by Dr Love

A fun application to calculate love percentage between two persons

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dr Love

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you admire someone, or are you simply interested in knowing how much a person loves you? If so, this Love Calculator is specifically designed for you. It is a recreational application based on astronomy and a combination of names to predict your love percentage. It checks the compatibility of two people and provides results based on the first and last names. Using this fun tool, you can check the love percentage with your favorite person, crush, or a life partner.

The most noteworthy feature of Love Calculator is its ease of use and simple design. You are provided with different options to check the love ratio. For instance, an interested user can find the love percentage by writing his name in the first box and then entering his crush or other person's name in the second box. Once you’ve provided the details, just press the ‘’calculate’’ option to see results within seconds. This way, you can check the intensity of your relationship or friendship bond.


  • A super friendly application to know the love percentage between two persons or life partners.
  • It lets you know the love ratio between you and your crush so you can guess if the relationship will be ideal or not.
  • You can choose different options and input the first and last names to view results with just a single click.
  • The interface and layout are simple, with a visually appealing display style so you can clearly see the elements.
  • The algorithm is accurately designed to show you the chances of love between you and your dream partner.
  • You can install it on your Android, PC, Macbook or the latest edition of Windows.

Above all, Love Calculator is a pretty entertaining app for knowing the compatibility between two individuals. It is free to use and has no complex requirements. You can install it on any operating system and enjoy a seamless love impression without the person knowing about it.

Love Calculator checks your compatibility with someone you admire so you can know the chances for an ideal relationship.
Compatible with multiple platforms
Requires user input (names)
Uses advanced mathematical and astrological algorithms
Designed for entertainment purposes, not definitive results

Provides accurate love compatibility percentages.
Offers detailed personality profiles and astrological predictions.
User-friendly interface, simple to navigate.

Results aren't a definitive determinant of love compatibility.
Lacks a scientific basis for its algorithms.
Can foster unhealthy relationship obsessions.
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