Duck Hunt

by Joseph Hitt

A RubberDucky keystroke attack preventor, presented in a form of an executable file that finds and terminates any possible attack

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Joseph Hitt

Release : Duck Hunt latest

Antivirus check: passed

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Now, programs like Duck Hunt may come off as a bit useless for most people, or just users who do not intend on using it on everyday occasions. This, however, doesn't necessarily mean security methods presented by the Duck Hunt are still viable in cases where keystroke injections or unsure OS keyboards may want some extra protection. So, what's it with it? In short, Duck Hunt consists of a simple code running in the background and actively monitors your keyboard input to precisely detect if a RubberDucky attack may take place or any keystroke injection attack on that matter. 

There are also 4 protection policies listed on the said GitHub page, that being of Normal, LogOnly, Sneaky, and Paranoid, all of which are helpful on different occasions. Normal is, well, the normal mode, automatically disabling keyboard inputs upon detection with them being on back again after the operation is over. LogOnly does log, only, so it just simply captures the time and the details of the attack and doesn't do anything else other than that. Sneaky drops a few crucial keys to resist the attack, as well as also logging all the said information. Paranoid is by far the safest one, both disabling the keys and logging the attack, as well as now requiring a password to unlock keyboard inputs.


  • Runs in background
  • Has 4 different running modes
  • Blacklisting feature that allows you to configure the reaction process to programs of which security you are unsure of
  • Autotype-type software support
  • Open source code
  • 2 ways of setting up the program, regular and advanced one

And that's about it! There are obviously more features and stuff coming out (like extra monitoring, pattern searching, Linus support, etc.) but these are still not in place currently so they won't be talked about just for now (though probably will be in the future!). For now, it is just a great tool for protection against the aforementioned type of system attacks which may be not as common to the average user, but still play a role in general terms and from which you may want to have some form of safety measures.

Duck Hunt is a software that protects the user from unauthorized keystroke injection attacks, working as a background-running program that checks for the keyboard usage
Requires a Nintendo Entertainment System console.
Requires 'NES Zapper' light gun peripheral.
Supports single-player and two-player modes.
Compatible with standard television sets.

Easy to understand gameplay and control system.
Offers both single and multiplayer modes.
Provides increasingly challenging levels of difficulty.

Limited gameplay can become repetitive over time.
Requires specific 'NES Zapper' hardware to play.
No game evolution or progression other than difficulty.
Duck Hunt latest (5.48 MB)
Duck Hunt 1 (6.38 MB)
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