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Boostnote for Windows PCs and laptops is a great program to find what you need in life. Boostnote allows you to take notes while programming and coding on your everyday life, you'll really enjoy its ease of use and intuitiveness because you know you need to take notes when programming and writing some code for your newly written program! Boostnote is really fantastic because it's free to use and designed for beginners and experts alike, it's simple to use is just to allow you to dictate the notation of your coding to make sure you remember what each line of code does and what it should be intended usage of it. you really should download this if your job is to code and program, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its mesmerizing notation ability and functionality usage, it's simply one of the best at the job of taking notes for your coding and programmers. Its a community as well so you can talk to other coders on this software, it's really remarkable what this tiny little program can do for you, you'll never regret it using this program at all, I use it and I love it, its great and the UI is so easy to use you'll forget you're even using a program. Boostnote is fantastic and free and you should download it right now and you won't regret doing it either. 


  • easy to use
  • easy functionality understanding
  • easy to navigate
  • free

The conclusion is that Boostnote is really good for coder sand programmers alike and you won't have to step away to write down a note on a notepad anymore, you'll have access to a program that allows you to write notes next to your intended line of code. 

After reviewing the product information myself I see it is a useful tool especially in business to organize your time and meetings. Everything is launched from one point and helps you to organize daily tasks and reminders and keep track of what’s important to you without the use of writing it down with sticky notes. It is a tool that’s revolutionizing the future and feel it will be useful from home to work life
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