Open multiple virtual desktops on one machine

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Dexpot allows users to open multiple virtual desktops on a single machine. In the past, a single desktop could become cluttered and disorganized, with many tabs open on the taskbar. Dexpot users can open multiple desktops, as few as two and as many as four at a time, allowing users to organize content and projects according to logical categories. Each desktop can then be customized in an interface that allows users to set hotkeys and choose a unique background for each desktop. Similar projects or content can share a background color, for instance, allowing the user to quickly see at a glance which of the open desktops are related. Conversely, each desktop can support independent properties to clearly delineate projects. Dexpot also allows users the option to include numerous plugins, including MouseEvents, Taskbar Pager, Wallpaper Clock and Dexcube. The Dexcube plugin is particularly popular because it creates a rotating, three-dimensional cube effect when users switch between visible desktops. The fact that this software is available free for download for personal use cannot be underemphasized; in the world of productivity and task management, few things are free for windows programs. Groups who need a group license can easily obtain one for as little as $26 online. Users of Windows 10 might believe that they have sufficient ability to multitask using the included Task View option as part of the program, however, Windows 10 does not contain anywhere near the number of extra features, customizability, or plugins that Dexpot does. 


  • Use ranges from basic and intuitive for beginners to customizable for advanced use
  • Includes advanced features such as plugins (Dexcube, MouseEvents)
  • Uses very little memory
  • Ongoing support by developers
  • Free for personal use, small fee for group licensure
  • More options than Task View in Windows 10

In conclusion, the many features of Dexpot, low price point (free for personal use), customizable features, and availability of plugins make it a great product to increase productivity and reduce screen clutter both at home and at the office. 

Dexpot is superior to other virtual desktop programs because it has many desirable features, is easily customized, and is free for personal use.

All systems created after Windows 2000 support Dexpot.

Dexpot is a software package for transforming the desktop on your computer using many different options: full screen preview, window catalog and desktop preview. The desktop manager is a small icon that is always available on the screen for changing settings as desired.
Virtual desktop is an all in one customizable desktop that helps those from beginner to experts level manage how they view there desktop with the click of a button or mouse sorting and prioritizing your work area to run more effective and consistent by getting rid of the clutter.
I recommend using this product because it is very versatile for everyone's needs!.I was introduced to virtual desktop from a friend being that I do graduate school online which has helped me stay organized, accomplish work anywhere I am and grants me space to be creative.I must say at first it took me a minute to get use to how advanced it was from my from 2012 computer desk top, but its capability is fast and durable. I would definitely recommend this product
Ben Hong
I think the software will come in handy for developers testing multiple OS on one computer or something. It will make it easy to switch between different OS.
Dexpot for Windows didn't always operate well with ObjectDock, but other than that it works wonderfully even with several monitors and can be great if you require more than one work space. When I previously used this tool, I had no difficulties with viruses, malware, etc. During that time, I've used it for more than a year. I do not advise using it with budget PCs. It occasionally consumed a lot of disk space and memory. At one point, I had to disable it until I upgraded my PC, but I would definitely use this again if it became available.
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