by Mike Desjardins

Buzzbird is a non promotional and and it is totally open-source for all .

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mike Desjardins

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FeaturesBuzzbird is an absolutely free (as in brew and opportunity) Twitter customer dependent on Mozilla's XUL stage. There are no promotions, and it is totally open-source. 

Work area notices : this  feature  is  helpful for  user  to  get  notification  when work . 

Administration separating : The  Buzzbird  developer  did  a great  job  in   Administration section  . It  is  separated  so that i think  it  is now  very  user friendly  for  every  user.

Discussion sees : honestly  speaking  this  section  is  not  developed  comparing  other  section  of  this  Buzzbird. Actually  i did  not  find any  bug  or  anything  else  but  i expected some  more feature  and  more  interesting  thing  on  Discussion sees section.

Specific channel sees (can pick Timeline, @mentions, direct notices) : i ma  not developer  but  this  option should  develop  more  . I get  difficulties  in this  feature  . 

Retweet, Reply, Unfollow, and Favorite catch on each Tweet : i  just  love  this  feature  of  Buzzbird. I think  this  feature is  very  much  useful  and  likeable  for  new  user  of  Buzzburd.

Menu to embed emoticon in tweets : Emotion tweet  embed  is a great  feature  for  this  kind  of software  .  i  hope  so that  all  kind of  user will  like  this  feature  .  

Peruse/Unread include in status bar : I think  this feature makes  Buzzbird  in another level . This  feature  is not  much unique but  i think  the  idea  of adding  this  feature  in  Buzzbird  is awesome . More user  will continue  for  this  feature  . This  feature is important  to  grab  more  permanent users. 

Snap on a clients symbol to see more data about them, or to follow/unfollow them : this  feature  is  too good  . I think  most of  the  user  of Buzzbird  will like  this  for  only Snap on a clients symbol to see more data about them, or to follow/unfollow them .


Buzzbird Beta 0.7 (10.7 MB)
Buzzbird 0.8 (10.87 MB)
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