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"Internet Protocol" is shortly known as IP address. Every device must have a unique IP address for its identification. Default Gateway is an IP address only. If we have a Static address of IP means, we can manually configure the device. The DHCP server differs from this kind of IP method. One can't change this IP address. That's why it is called a STATIC one. Any smartphones, laptops, routers, or other electronic gadgets should have a static IP address. It is compared to dynamic IP addresses, which are permitted to change. This may be an advantage or disadvantage.  

Windows operating system gadgets are commonly using IP addresses on their devices. IP address helps to reduce the loss of data at any time. Shared devices may be found easily with the help of a location identifier software program. Also, useful for Printing tasks to save time-consuming. It also has some disadvantages. Which is, that the majority of people don't like to have a Static IP  address to their system or electronic equipment. It provides limited usage of IP addresses. If a specific IP address is assigned to some website means, another person can't use that same Static IP. Because it is easy to track. Also, it must be manually configured for a particular computer, due to Conflict errors may occur in a greater percentage. It could be obsolete in one day, it is common for every newly invented software. 

Router IP addresses are located Default Gateway Section. Which is situated in Command Prompt. In the windows system, it can be easily found by typing "IPCONFIG". And press enter means, the details of Router IP can be derived to access multiple networks with help of a Router IP address. 


  • To reduce lapses in the connection 
  • Speedup uploading and faster downloading
  • It gives protection to your system
  • Better remote access
  • The accuracy of geolocation data is much more

Cybercrimes are reduced, after router IP address configuration. 

If any special improvements are added to this router IP means, it should be more useful.

Router IP address for windows is a very simple and it does not have any complicated design for its working. Router IP address is a completely free software that helps to find the IP address of the system. One can also get the details from their own command prompt by running a simple command. But this program will give the IP address as soon as it is launched. It is quite useful when multiple systems are connected to a single router.
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