by Keith Godfrey

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Keith Godfrey

Last revision: Last week

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OmegaT is a free, automated translation system designed to facilitate the work of professional translators. Unlike most translator programs, which are widely used by a wide range of users, this program does not perform "independent" translation. Simply put, its functions include segmentation of text based on regular expressions, use of exact and inaccurate matches with previously translated fragments, search for selected contexts in translation databases, checking their matches, and working with keywords.

All of the above features are designed to provide the highest quality translation regardless of the text style. Thanks to it, you can work with scientific or fiction literature, foreign technical documentation, and so on. For OmegaT to work properly, you will need to install Java. The interface of the program is rather ambiguous - at first it seems complicated and confusing, but after a couple of hours of work, you get used to it. It is also important that OmegaT supports a large number of source formats, including HTML/XHTML documents, StarOffice, OpenOffice, DocBook and of course Microsoft Office.

- to find the exact and inaccurate matches;

- simultaneous operation of projects with a large number of files;

- use of external dictionaries;

- support for most modern document formats;

- Unicode's support;

- right to left language support;

- Compatibility with other automated translation systems.

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