by Claro Software

A mind mapping program to help with research and planning

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Claro Software

Release : ClaroIdeas 3

Antivirus check: passed

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For teams who want to develop a shared understanding by sharing their ideas, mind map software can be a practical option. ClaroIdeas solves all your needs by assisting you in research, planning, and presenting your ideas in a better way. It unleashes your creativity skills by breaking down complex projects into visual cues and images. It also allows users to structure their thoughts and connect ideas in the form of a diagram.

Using this brainstorming software, you can create a new chart to focus on the content of your topic. You can start by writing the main title, and ClaroIdeas will automatically arrange the idea boxes for you. This way, you can organize the information into a mind map and create a visually appealing diagram. The best thing is you can also modify the layout or style of the mind tree. For instance, you can choose from a list of available shapes or add new boxes to get a perfect structure.


  • A handy application to create mind maps and organize your ideas in a better way.
  • It allows you to organize your ideas during research, planning, and studying.
  • There is a wide array of shapes and styles, so you can choose the best one and start your project from scratch.
  • You can automatically add the boxes and arrange them in a mind map, so all your information remains organized in a chart.
  • It helps users capture ideas, research notes, web page links, or audio video files with high flexibility.
  • It works conveniently on all operating systems, including the latest version of Windows.

To enhance your mind map, ClaroIdeas allows you to add separate notes to each idea so you can organize everything with just a single click. Once the charts are created, you can export them in multiple formats, such as PDF or PNG. Install it on your Windows now to get a quick visual representation of your ideas.

ClaroIdeas contains several sample charts to help you create a mind map and get a visual representation of your ideas.
Windows OS required
Minimum 1GB RAM
Availability of enough disk space for installation

Promotes clear, organized thinking with structured mind maps.
Highly customizable tools for personalized diagram creation.
Compatible with Windows and easy to use.

Lacks advanced features compared to other mind mapping tools.
Compatibility issues with non-Windows operating systems.
Limited sharing and collaboration functionality.
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