by TextSniper

An intuitive Mac OCR app for extracting, recognizing, and converting screen text.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TextSniper

Release : TextSniper 1.10.1

Antivirus check: passed

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TextSniper is a user-friendly desktop OCR application for Mac, capable of extracting and recognizing any non-searchable and non-editable text on your Mac screen. As an added feature, it can convert OCR text into speech. This makes it a highly convenient alternative to complex optical character recognition tools.

The tool is intuitive to use and simplifies the extraction of text from your images, scanned paper documents, PDFs, or even videos. No training or special skills are needed, making it perfectly suitable for Mac users at home and in business. It is easily accessible from the menu bar whenever you need it and has a straightforward user interface.

If you have ever used a built-in Mac screenshot application before, then working with TextSniper should not be a problem. Simply select any part of an image, photo, PDF document, or anything on your screen with a mouse, and the application will process and recognize any text in that selection. The text output will be saved to the clipboard, so you can paste it into your preferred macOS text editing or note-taking software. Lastly, the application's optical character recognition engine does not require an internet connection to process documents. This is an excellent OCR solution for those concerned about privacy. The application does not collect any user data.

Possible Uses:

  • Conversion of different image formats into text (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc...).
  • Extraction of text from an unsearchable PDF file without having to process the entire document.
  • Reading of text from images, PDF documents, photos, Zoom meetings, or any other source.
  • Copying of text even when it's non-copyable such as in ebooks or web articles.
  • Quick extraction of emails, links, phone numbers, etc.
  • Text input or conversion into speech in video games.
  • Reading of QR or barcodes.
  • Quick generation of alt text from screenshot for tweets.
TextSniper simplifies the process of extracting and recognizing text from any image or document on a Mac screen.
  • On-device OCR technology. No internet connection is required.
  • Instant text recognition. No need to upload files into the application. OCR document or file on the fly.
  • High accuracy and performance.
- Requires Mac OS X operating system
- Stable internet not necessary for operation
- Mouse for selection of text areas
- User-friendly interface, specific skills not required

Highly user-friendly with simple, straightforward interface.
On-device OCR technology ensures privacy and offline work.
Instant text recognition with high accuracy and performance.

Limited to Mac users; not compatible with other operating systems.
No integrated spell-check or grammar correction features.
Cannot recognize handwriting or non-standard fonts effectively.
TextSniper 1.9.0 (5.23 MB)
TextSniper 1.10 (5.58 MB)
TextSniper 1.10.1 (5.58 MB)
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