Classic Shell

by Ivo Beltchev

Software that emulates the look and feel of past Windows versions

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ivo Beltchev

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Classic Shell is a functional recovery program that has been removed from the latest versions of Windows 8 and 10. It adds a classic Start menu, a toolbar in Windows Explorer and is able to return many smaller functions.

The Classic Shell's classic start menu has the following features:

Drag and drop function for convenient location of applications;

Options for displaying Favourites and unfolding the Control Panel;

the display of recently opened documents. The number of documents displayed can be adjusted;

the program does not disable the standard Start menu, it is available by simultaneous pressing the Shift button and clicking on the Start button;

When you right click on an item, a menu appears that allows you to delete the item, rename it, sort it, etc;

the "All Programs" submenu unfolds to the full screen.

Classic Shell offers a classic and more familiar Windows Explorer. This function has such features:

adds a toolbar that contains the most common operations (copy, paste, delete, properties, etc.), the panel is fully customizable;

changes the file copying dialog to the more familiar one from Windows XP;

handles pressing Alt+Enter in Windows Explorer and shows the properties of the selected item.

As for Internet Explorer 9, the following options are available to you:

adding a title bar at the top of the window that displays the full title of the page;

Display the page loading process in the status bar of your browser;

Display safe zones in the IE9 status bar.

YES! I love it! Not only is the little shell photo cute, but it's a wonderful idea. I'm 28 and STILL getting used to Windows 10 because I grew up on Windows XP and miss it every day haha. This is an awesome option for people who just don't want to accept change and keep everything the same so they can still function on their computers without a problem. :)
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