by MatixSoft

A tool that allows you to take screen shots, edit, store, and upload them

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MatixSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Clip2Net is an application that allows you to take a snapshot of your desktop or a part of it in one click and upload it to the Internet. Immediately after downloading, you will receive a link to the images that you can post on your social network or blog. Now, in order to share a screenshot of the screen, you do not need to capture by third parties and upload the image to the hosting. Just a couple of seconds and you already have a link to the downloaded screenshot.

But that's not all. Clip2Net also makes it easy to share files. Just drag and drop the file you want to share in the special zone in the program window and get the link to the download - it's nowhere easier. Very convenient and useful program with a nice interface. In addition, Clip2Net is distributed completely free of charge.

- the ability to quickly upload a screenshot of the screenshot to the network;

- Upload images from the clipboard;

- Upload text documents;

- the ability to quickly share files;

- Upload multiple files at the same time;

- visual text editor;

- Downloading data from the URL;

- a very simple, nice interface.

There are alot of software companies that allow you to share and upload content. I wish this product discussed why this product sticks out compared to other products
Clip tuner is a program that allows you to take a snapshot of your desktop and one click and upload it to the internet with that one click this is very useful because usually there is a lot more steps to do this also they send you an email with the link that you can use to share with people on social media blogs or etc this is overall a very efficient program
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