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BitComet is a free BitTorrent download client BitComet is powerful, super-fast and easy-to-use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BitComet

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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BitComet is not just a powerful client for downloading torrents from p2p networks, but a real "combine" for downloading files from the Internet, because this application is equipped not only with functions for working with bittorrent protocol, but also support for downloading via http and ftp. For these purposes, the application has a built-in web-browser and a corresponding ftp-module. What's more, the application also supports the eMule client ed2k (as a plugin), which was well known in the past and is still popular today, and of course, working with Magnet links.

Like all Trent clients, the BitComet allows you to download an unlimited number of downloads at once, arbitrarily set the desired speed limits for each of the downloads and, of course, set priorities between them. Also, in the program there is a very functional scheduler of tasks. Like any solid torrent-client, BitComet supports the function of playing videos and music files right during the download, so that the user does not have to spend time waiting for the download to be completed!

For advanced users, BitComet also offers very interesting additional features. So, for example, you can authorize your account in the network and "pump" it, distributing to other network users a large amount of information (users, whose accounts have high ratings, get further priority of higher speed when downloading). For those users who are eager to communicate, the program features a built-in chat room and the ability to view / leave comments in various distributions. If to someone it is not enough to it for knowing "torrentists" there will always be a set of the plug-ins, additions and the expansions created exclusively for this program by foreign software-developers which expand even more, and without that, its serious functionality.

It should be added that BitComet is completely free of charge, has a simple enough and quite accessible for all interface, and has a flexible system of settings.

BitComet 1.18 (6.23 MB)
BitComet 1.26 (8.55 MB)
BitComet 1.28 (9.4 MB)
BitComet 1.29 (10.91 MB)
BitComet 1.33 (9.07 MB)
BitComet 1.34 (9.09 MB)
BitComet 1.35 (9.08 MB)
BitComet 1.36 (9.06 MB)
BitComet 1.38 (8.24 MB)
BitComet 1.55 (17.24 MB)
I like that this defragment software is compatible with many of Windows operating system from old like Xp to newer window os like windows 10. The best thing about this software is that it is free and won't take up a lot of space on the computer. This is a much needed upgraded demo the updated version.
wow, its good for download the gaming torrents, and movie torrents, and application torrents, the best feature is that its reflecting the download speed, and remaining time and network speed, and review of the torrent , and fast is the main concern to download this software, really a worth one to download it it from the internet, highly recommended to download.
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