Cole2k Media Codec Pack Advanced

by Cole2k Media

"Includes auto detection and option for DXVA", And Intel quick sync

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cole2k Media

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cole2k Media Codec Pack is an application containing a large number of codecs, as well as some additional programs.

Installation tips:

First of all, it is strongly recommended to uninstall the previous version of Codec Pack. This may help to avoid any problems in the future. This package contains the DivX 6.4 Pro version. If you have previously installed DivX 5.x on your computer, you will need to enter a new key for that version.

- DivX Pro Video Codec (updated from 05/08/08);

- DivX Web Player 1.4.0233 is a program module for a browser;

- XviD 1.1.3 Video Codec - build Koepi's 28/06/07;

- Ffdshow Video Codec 20081228 - updated version 2547 from clsid;

- CoreAVC;

- Microsoft - Windows Media 9 Video Codec;

- On2 Technologies VP7 Video Codec 7.0.8;

- On2 Technologies VP6 Video Codec 6.4.2;

- Flash Video Splitter;

- Huffyuv Lossless Video Codec;

- Ligos Indeo XP Video Codec 5.2820.15.58;

- Intel Indeo Video Codec;

- Intel Indeo Video Codec;

- InterVideo Video Filter;

- CyberLink DVD Video/SP Filter;

- AC3Filter 1.51a;

- AC3File 0.5b;

- Spdifer 0.2a;

- DVBPortal HDTV Pump Filter 1.0.7;

- MythTV Filters 0.10.0;

- Core AAC Playback Filter + AAC Parser Filter 1.1.0, Tom Judd;

- Core Vorbis Playback Filter + OGG Splitter, Gabest;

- RadLight OFR Playback Filter - for OptimFROG;

- Sony ATRAC3 0.98 ACM Codec, also known as MDLP2;

- DivX ACM Audio Codec, also known as Windows Media Audio 4.1;

- Lame MP3 3.98.2 ACM Codec.

Cole2k Media Codec Pack Advanced for Windows was such an easy application to install. There was a menu to go through and I had no trouble with it. It is also a very simple application to use. The media codec pack was able to play all my videos and music, and I also tried using it to produce music and audio files!
Advanced and standard codec packs. Also packed with main stream encoder codec's for producing audio and video files . It has 2 dubbing packs video dub and audio dub packs. Also it has two ripping packs DVD and CD rip packs. It can be viewed using windows media player , VLC media player , Win amp media player etc. User friendly and quick use tool. Its advanced Haali media splitter and LAV splitter xy - VS splitter for reading subtitles made it more accessible. Installation of this package made easy for users through informative menus
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