Copy Handler

by Jozef Starosczyk

Efficiently conduct operations such as copying, moving, pausing and resuming files operations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jozef Starosczyk

Release: Copy Handler 1.44

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Windows free software program Copy Handler is the perfect software for copying, as well as moving files and folders. It’s very easy and simple to install and use as well. The interface is simple and gives you complete control of all operations, such as copying files, moving files, and modifying operations. As processes occur, you may resume, pause, restart, and cancel processes as they occur. In relation to the standard Windows copy operations, it has been shown that these operations are indeed faster than integrated copying. Another excellent feature of this program is that it's fully configurable with over sixty configuration options available to the user to modify. Operations to be modified include the language, auto-resume, turning off the system after copying and changing buffer sizes. There is full language support for both Polish and English.

The user may automatically resume paused or halted operations with a quick push. The interface is overall very basic and easy to use/figure out. The user may also queue operations in order and conduct them according to their specified order, making this a multi-process and a very diverse program, enabling the user to complete several different actions simultaneously and monitor them at the same time. In this way, it increases productivity to a high degree. As operations occur in real-time, detailed statistics are available regarding the copying and moving operations.

There is also integration with the windows explorer program, and so the user is able to enable different commands which are not a part of the basic interface if he or she wishes.

This program is overall great for just about anyone, as files need to be copied and moved. This program conducts operations in a very organized and holistic manner while ensuring that efficiency is maintained as the user can conduct operations all at the same time, something not available in the standard Windows interface.

It also does not clog up and mess up the user’s Windows cache as programs so often do, leaving residual junk. This program is clean, advanced, easy to use, and does not require any sort of maintenance, which is associated with similar programs.

The functionalities available are not prone to errors such as in the case with Windows Explorer when copying, moving, pausing or resuming operations. So this program is much more reliable and overall much more trustworthy as a program that is worth your consideration.

More organized, efficient and faster than the standard Windows Explorer operations

  • Several functionalities from copying, moving, pausing, resuming
  • Simultaneous operations can be conducted
  • Detailed stats of real-time operations shown
  • Faster than standard Windows Explorer operations
  • Does not cloud up the cache with use

For Windows users only

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